Yesterday Our Lady followed on her message from the day before about her role in guiding us and helping us as our mother despite her too being a simple creature….

Our Lady 

My little one, how I love you!

Write now, write some more about my love for you all.

My children, yesterday I explained to you that I do not know everything about what each one of you will do in your lives. Today I desire to clarify what I meant for those who may be confused.

Only God knows everything from beginning to end with absolute certainty. God shares his knowledge with his creatures at different levels of completeness and yet I, God’s most magnificent creature who is endowed with knowledge beyond what any of you could understand, know so little in comparison to the trinity!

I am like a grain of sand on the beach when compared with the majesty of the trinity!

And yet my children I am your mother!

Consider a gardener planting a seed. Although the seed looks like nothing the gardener knows what type of seed it is and what type of flower it will bring.

I am like the gardener and each one of you are like the seeds!

I have been given insight from God himself as to who you are and what you are called to be.

Just as the gardener knows much about the flower that will develop from the seed do I know much about you.

The gardener knows things like the colour and size of the future flower, whether it likes the light or the shade, how often it needs watering and what insects and diseases may harm it.

So too do I know much about each one of you! What you are called to be, where you will fit, how you need nourishing for mind, body and soul and of course the dangers that you will face.

My only desire is to see you grow and flourish just like the flowers of a gardener.

Some of you need replanting and uprooting, others of you need more spiritual food while others of you are thriving!

However there is one very big difference. The gardener does not need the permission or help of the flowers to do his job because they do not speak nor have they the gift of free will.

In order to help you my children I need you to cooperate and agree to be helped and this is why I ask you to pray and to do spiritual reading.

As your understanding grows so too will your ability to listen and cooperate with me grow and together we will transform your life into a wonderful light of love.

And so my little children, help your little mother to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and to make this garden which has become so desolate into a garden of glorious and beautiful flowers shining with the joy and love of God.

What a simple message in a way and yet how profound. Our Lady is there to help us to flourish and to grow, simple and that.

If you would like to help our ministry to grow please reach out. At the moment Toni is in need of some financial help to pay for monthly expenses such as his phone etc. He doesn’t have much and his family are unable to support him and so we are trusting in God’s providence working through God’s people to provide. Ideally a small monthly contribution that he could rely on would be an answer to our prayers.

“Our Lady, please continue to grow us and nurture us and help us to cooperate fully with your gardening skills so that we may shine for the whole world to see”.

Have a beautiful day,