Good morning,

Over the last few days Our Lady has been speaking to us about her love for us, her role as a mother and our role se her little children.

Yesterday as I sat in an adoration evening for priests she spoke more about her need for our help.

My little children, those of you open to my motherly words, today I want to teach you more about souls.

Yesterday I told you that I am like a gardener who’s job is to grow flowers from little seeds.

Just as God gives me knowledge to do my job do I give knowledge to those chosen to help me!

You see my little ones, I have no human body like you, I do not have a voice like you and besides some rare exceptions, most people cannot hear me like they can hear you.

For this reason I need “human gardeners” to help me to do my work and on them I pour out special graces just as the heavenly father pours graces on me.

My priests are my special helpers chosen by the Father to be like Jesus, giving their lives for their brothers and sisters which is why I desire my priests to remain especially close to me, to listen to my voice, to heed my instructions.

But I have many other helpers too and the Holy Spirit chooses them as he desires.

In a way you are all called to be my helpers but the Holy Spirit does pick some people to be my helpers in a special way just as He choose me to a special and extraordinary role.

Without my help my children you will get lost and confused and will not know how to do your job.

Just as a gardener needs to be wise and know the difference between a flower and a weed so do my helpers need to be very clear on the difference between sins and virtues.

Just as some weeds may look pretty but ultimately kill the flowers, so too do some sins look pretty but ultimately lead to spiritual death.

There can be no compromise with sin my children and heaven will never accept a soul with even the slightest stain of sin.

I call you my children to read the teachings of the church, to read the bible and the lives of the saints and to seek direction from my holy helpers.

There are very many false teachings in your world today. You must never judge but you must pray for these people and above all avoid following their error.

Pray my children and stay close to me and be the true helpers that your heavenly mother do desperately needs.”

Once again Our Lady is asking for our help and it’s not easy. We live in a world and even a church of relativism when if you say anything beyond “God loves you” a war begins!

People do not want to know or hear of the moral teachings of the church and what a sin is and isn’t and consequently everything remains a fog.

Even recently with these messages from Jesus I got quite abused and accused of making up the messages from my own imaginings and opinions when Jesus told me that gay sex is a sin!

One priest even went so far as to preach off the altar last Sunday that it’s not in retaliation!!

Anyway, as Our Lady said we must pray for these people without judging and stay close to her who guides us on the narrow, difficult and yet joyful path of the cross.

“Our Lady, help of Christians, help us to listen to you and do not allow us to compromise with sin”.

Have a Holy day!