Good Sunday morning!

This morning I woke up with a great joy and desire to please Our Lady in everything I do and say, she is such a beautiful and gentle mother that when she smiles I smile too.

Of course the best way to make Our Lady smile isn’t hard! How do you make any mother smile? Only by loving them, respecting them and helping them….

Our Lady is no different and what better way to help her than to spread her messages and teach other people about God and prayer.

And so without further ado, Our Lady’s message to us that I received yesterday:

“Continue my little one to write!

As I have said over the last few days, souls are like seeds with the potential to grow into beautiful flowers.

But if beautiful souls do not cooperate with God’s grace then these seeds grow up to be black and ugly much like a burnt flower.

This my little ones is how so many people are today, black and ugly with sin.

Sometimes it is through their own fault. Negligence in prayer, carelessness in life, not receiving the sacraments often cause souls to die and to wither.

Even the most beautiful flower in the garden would eventually die and wither if you were to stop watering it and looking after it.

And so too it is with souls! To stay healthy daily nourishment with prayer and reflection is needed. There is no other way. This is why I ask my children to pray the rosary daily and not once per week or once per month…

In Medjugorje I have come and appealed to my children in a very special way to pray. I encourage you all to heed my messages and my instructions given in Medjugorje and to devote your lives to prayer.

Some souls are like blackened withered flowers through no great fault of their own.

Many did not grow up knowing how to pray, there was nobody to protect them from the ways of the world and without the regular use of the sacraments, especially reconciliation, sinful habits became normal and simply a part of life.

This is especially the case my children when it comes to sexual sin. Lust my little ones is deadly, it is like the sting of a wasp to the soul and without confession and healing the poison of lust spreads all over the mind and body and dulls the senses and appetite of the will so much that the only thing the soul in question has a taste for is more lust.

So many are black as coal by the unconfessed sins of lust and my motherly heart cries with love to bring these souls to Jesus, the healer.

I understand more than anything the power of lust and its attractiveness but my children it is not the answer. What your souls really need is love and Holy love.

My little ones, do not be afraid to talk to me and to talk to Jesus about your struggles in these sensitive areas. Heaven is not asking you to become perfect overnight but rather to take my hand and to embark on the road of perfection.

Even the blackest and darkest soul can be brought back to full life.

I call you to listening to my instructions in Medjugorje and especially to praying with your hearts like little children.

I desire that each and every one of you become like beautiful flowers. It is never too late to begin. You are never too sinful or never too old. The only requirement that heaven needs is your ‘yes’ and your cooperation with the ways of God.

My motherly heart jumps with excitement at the prospect of so many of you who do not know me coming to my heart.

Remember I know each one of you already, yes even the ones who do not believe and do not go to church! I know you, I love and and I am waiting with outstretched arms to welcome you into my loving heart and to bring you to the love of my son for which your soul craves for.

May we too make Our Lady today and every day by being her loyal apostles of love by bringing souls to her and to Jesus through the grace of Medjugorje, her headquarters for these current times!

Have a wonderful Sunday,