Good morning! It’s a bit gloomy here in London but hopefully things will ‘Brighton” up later ….Rayne and I are going to Brighton this evening.🤣🤣

Anyway yesterday Our Lady continued her lesson on saving souls and especially encouraged us to get to know our enemy; Satan himself, the master of lies.

Our Lady 

My child,

Yesterday I spoke to you about the many black and dead looking flowers (souls) that my maternal heart so thirst to bring back to life.

I spoke to you about the importance of Medjugorje, of prayer and also of recognising sin and especially the sins of lust for what they are.

Yes my children, you are in a battle with sin and how can you do battle with what you don’t know or see!

Satan your adversary is skilled and intelligent and you must not be afraid to learn about him and how he works to drag you into sin.

The more you know about your enemy the more you will be able to defend yourselves and over time defend and train others.

You are all in a war my children, a great spiritual war and you must all learn to fight.

The first battlefield is that of your own souls and this is where you must take time to get to know yourselves, your strengths, your weaknesses….

Only in prayer with the guidance of the Holy Spirit can you really get to know yourselves and see yourselves as God sees you.

God desires to infuse his wisdom into your souls and for this he needs you to open your hearts and to pray and listen.

The Spirit will show you your sins, not to shame you but so that you can acknowledge them and bring them to Jesus for forgiveness.

The other battle is the world around you. Like soldiers I am also calling you to bring the good news of Jesus to other souls who need it. This is what you call evangelisation.

Again you will come up against great resistance and battles. Satan and his demons do not want to go and will try to employ every trick known to man to deceive you and thus allow them to stay.

Demons too my children know how to cry like sulking children when they don’t get their own way.

You must not be fooled. God was not lacking in mercy for banishing Satan and his followers to hell and these evil demons desperately try to attach to souls on earth because their suffering in hell is far far greater.

They refused defiantly the love of God at the fall and despite their pining they are nothing but pure evil.

There is no such thing as a good demon. Many believe that demons are helping them or can be used to help them but this is a lie from hell.

Demons help nobody without benefiting themselves and driving the soul on the path to hell.

Demons feed off evil and sin and get rewarded by Satan for their evil doings much like money in a game of monopoly!

Even in hell are they constantly fighting themselves and wanting more power and control than eachother.

Be not fooled by anyone who is not afraid of hell or claims that is not real or that it’s spoken about simply to scare and control others into submission to the laws of God.

Hell is real my children and the sufferings there are unimaginable.

My little ones, you must not be afraid to talk about these things and instill in people a holy and healthy fear of sin.

Each one of you must take responsibility for your own souls and journey to heaven and decide decisively for Jesus.

Remember that there are no tepid or lukewarm souls in heaven. Everyone in heaven burns for love for God and this is how I desire you to be on earth.

I desire you to be like roaring fires of love and truth burning for love for Jesus and for the sanctification of your world.

Again, this fire of love can only come through prayer and must be kept alive through constant prayer.

Come my children, allow me to transform you into warriors of love and together we will expulse Satan and his demons from the world.

Our Lady certainly has a way of saying things but today she’s telling us very clearly that we must make a firm choice to follow Jesus and never compromise with sin or with evil.

A lot of Christians nowadays seek occult practices for a little bit of help and think that it’s harmless or that it’s ok because their intentions are good.

Our Lady is warning us very clearly that this is a big mistake and no demon will ever give us any help without damaging our souls.

Our Lady is asking us to follow Jesus and only Jesus and not to let our souls become like a cocktail of spiritualities and ultimately good for nothing!

She desires us to be transformed into the pure fire of God’s love, on fire with the love of Jesus without a single trace of doubt or confusion…

And so once again she reaches out her hand and asks us to pray and listen to her council so that we may become the warriors of love and light that God so wants us to be!

Our Lady, help of Christians, pray for us and rid our lives of everything that does not give glory to Jesus.

Have a great day,