Good morning from London again! Brighton was great even if we were only there for a day. Here is a little video that Rayne did:

As soon as we jumped on the bus at 6.20 I looked at my phone and how pleasantly surprised I was to see adoration live streaming from Medjugorje after which Our Lady began to talk to me again!

At times I smile because my life is so unorthodox! I mean I’ve never heard of a gay catholic visionary or mystic or madman or whatever people should choose to call me who hears heaven speaking to him everywhere from the church to the pub!!

And yet why not? The kingdom of heaven is within us due to our baptism and I’m gay because my ministry is to gay people and Jesus talks to me everywhere because he sends me off evangelising

So things are not as upside down as they might seem, just different!

And so seeing the funny side I must be merciful to those who think I’m nuts or refuse me the sacraments and yet at the same time challenge them to pulling up their socks and expanding their understanding of Jesus and the ways of the Holy Spirit.

Here is what Our Lady, our mother had to say yesterday!

“Our Lady 

My little child, recently I have been explaining to you how I desire you to be like warriors and to win for heaven many many souls that are so far away.

Warriors my child must be strong! They must be strong in prayer, strong in faith and most importantly strong in love.

Only to the degree that each one of you know in your hearts that you are loved will you be able to pass on this love to others.

Even Jesus while in the middle of his ministry and public life spent very much time alone in prayer.

How much more time alone do you my little warriors need to spend to grow ever closer to the Father and to get more healing for your inner wounds and wounds inflicted on you from your ministries.

You need my little children a shelter, a bunker where you can go for protection and recuperation.

I my children am your shelter and my immaculate heart is your bunker.

This is why I speak of the triumph of my immaculate heart because all the forces of hell have no power over me.

As my immaculate heart rises like the morning sunshine it dispels the darkness!

I am calling you my chosen ones to be in my heart where no harm will touch you because I am protecting you personally.

Tell my children the souls whom you meet about the protection of my heart, tell them to consecrate their hearts to mine, tell them how much I love them and want to save them.

Be not afraid of opposition my little ones, even in my son’s church where many do not love me and refuse to heed my appeals.

Pray for those who refuse to listen, who laugh at you and mock you in account of me.

Let those of you who love me and listen to my call love and support eachother because you are brothers and sisters. Together we form a family, a family of love and prayer and truth.

Be always ready to forgive eachother less division sets in and above all let others see the love that you have for eachother so that it may be a testimony to them.

Another beautiful message of Our Lady with a calling as usual to prayer, to love, to perseverance and most of all to trusting in her and in the power of her immaculate heart which will triumph.

May we all be true soldiers and children of Mary, humbly loving her and bringing as many souls as possible to know her and love her and find the peace and refuge that they need in her most wonderful loving, tender and immaculate heart.

Blessings of love to all!