Good morning and happy feast day of one of my favourite saints who I always call my spiritual director, Padre Pio!!

There is so much we can all learn from Padre Pio from his battles with demons to the stigmatas he bore for 50 years despite some in the church thinking he was either mad or possessed or both!

Yes! Pio and I have become good friends over the years and I owe a lot of that to my mum who told us a lot about him as children and would always pray to him when she needed something ……and even though I didn’t understand how it worked….it worked!!!

Yet something else that I discovered about Pio once I began to read about him was his very great horror of sin and love for Our Lady. He was a simple man in a way utterly focused on bringing people to Jesus no matter what the cost.

Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend who too has given her entire life to bringing people into the heart of Jesus and out of the grip of Satan.

She doesn’t have stigmatas and if you say her walking down the street you wouldn’t know but Brenda is a real warrior for Jesus and like Pio, a great lover of Our Lady.

Brenda doesn’t shy away from loving people either and she has become good friends with Séamus, Toni and I here in London and has never rejected us or treated us differently or badly in account of being gay.

In fact she has shown us so much love and support and has taken the time to get to know us and ask us questions about our lives without judging us.

Brenda is certainly an example of love and prayer and is most certainly one of Our Lady of Medjugorje’s “apostles of love” and I hope that Padre Pio blesses her with extra special graces today.

Anyway, that aside yesterday Our Lady spoke to me again about her role and her desire to be loved by us….

“My little children,

How I desire to see you all strong in love and truth and yet how weak and fragile so many of you are.

Yesterday my children I explained that not everybody in my son’s church loves me.

This makes my motherly heart very sad because I not only love you all, I am here to help and guide you all.

Those who do not love me do not listen to me and so easily get lost and confused.

For some my messages are too simple, for others they are too demanding while for others it is not acceptable that I should choose to speak through ordinary human beings.

Whatever the reason it is always Satan causing division and keeping souls away from my heart.

My children, I am your mother. This is not simply a theological fact to be believed or studied but it’s a spiritual and real reality that must be lived with the heart.

So many books have been written about me and yet what my heart yearns for the most is not your studies but your love.

To souls who love me I will reveal secrets found in no books and understanding beyond what any theologian could reveal. After all, apart from God who knows more about me than my own self?

How foolish to get lost in studies and to neglect love. You will not take your studies with you when you die but you will take your love!

How can souls call me the mother of God and yet refuse to love me? How will they love me as their mother in heaven if they have refused to love me on earth?

How can they say that they love God and then refuse to love the mother that God has given them in me?

My little ones, it is not hard. Souls who do not love me have been deceived and need much prayer to see the error of their ways.

Do not be afraid of loving me like a little child no matter what your age or position. Do not be afraid of being mocked or ridiculed or considered foolish for your simple love.

Teach other souls how to love me and about my special role in these times. Teach them about Medjugorje and my motherly cry for prayer and reparation.

Pray for those who do not listen but do not give up hope or allow yourself to be discouraged because the victory of my heart is assured.”

And so today with the intercession of Padre Pio we pray that Our Lady will be loved more and we pray that the Holy Spirit will raise up more and more apostles of love to spread the graces of Medjugorje to corners and spaces in both the church and the world where they has not yet been received.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us!