It’s Friday and I don’t know about you but I’m in great form! Yesterday after mass at the Cathedral I was spoilt rotten by another surprise birthday lunch.

Our Lady has a special way of putting people around me to love me, help me and encourage me and I’ve often noticed how women are often far more open to the ways of Our Lady than men.

In any case I’m very thankful to God for all these wonderful people, both men and women who have helped me and supported me in so many different ways down through the years. May the Lord bless each one a thousand fold!

After lunch I came home and once again I received another beautiful message from Our heavenly mother. Over the last week or so she’s been teaching us a lot about love and prayer and so it will come as no surprise that today she continues the same theme and talks of the rosary….

“Our Lady 

My children,

Yesterday I called you to loving me and making me loved in the world.

The more you love me, the more you will forget yourself and do what pleases me and what pleases me is for you all to please God!

So yes, that’s right, loving me more will bring you to loving God more because I love God perfectly as a created being of his and so am in a perfect position to teach each one of you how to love God and be fully alive in the Spirit.

How do you learn this my child but by imitation just as little children learn their first language.

And because I’m not with you physically, I invite you to meditating and thinking about my life through the rosary.

Yes, the rosary is the most powerful and privileged way of getting to know and love me and getting to know and love God.

To get the most out of the rosary you must pray and meditate on the different mysteries slowly, being mindful of inspirations and thoughts from the Holy Spirit at all times.

Allow the recitation of the rosary to be a source of love and joy for you rather than duty and work.

How I love when my children lift up their hearts to me. How can I resist feeding their souls like a mother bird feeding her young?!

Through the rosary you will learn to become more docile to the Holy Spirit and so you will ward off Satan and his army of demons far more easily.

The rosary will also teach you wisdom, discernment and give you supernatural strength for your mission and life.

If possible pray the rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament where Jesus is present appearing as bread.

Never fear asking me for what you need in the rosary, trusting that I will provide if it is for your good!”

What a beautiful invitation from Our Lady to pray and to grow stronger and stronger in the ways of God and holiness through the rosary.

Wishing you all a very holy and prayer day and let’s spare a special prayer for Monsignor Keith Baltrop who celebrates his birthday today! May Our Lady bless him in ways unimaginable as he enjoys a well deserved holiday overseas.