Good morning!!

Today I’m so excited because we are going to a party in Pall Mall. This is the venue!!

It’s my friend from the gym (Peter)’s civil partnership party and he invited the lot of us gay Jesus lovers!!

Only yesterday did he call me to tell me that with his partner he sat at the back of the church for 5 minutes and prayed and we often have the most wonderful conversations about God.

The mission of Jesus’ divine mercy is exactly this, to reach out in love to people who have never heard of it and who are unlikely to ever even walk into a church.

As the church we must go out and bring the divine mercy to others and this afternoon is going to be an excellent opportunity to do just that!!

Peter has told me that there will be such a variety of people at this party from multi millionaires to the poor! He really has an extraordinary gift of networking and he treats everyone with love and respect.

From what I gather most will not be christian so it’s guaranteed to be fun from an evangelisation point of view!

Yesterday we went to a divine mercy mass in Ealing and I prayed for Peter and also about a much more practical matter….what on earth to wear??!!

I like me £5 red hoodie but I’m not sure it’d be a hit at Pall Mall!!

Jesus answered my prayer. Peter called me last night and said that he was aware that I might not have anything to wear and may not be able to buy something and so he offered to lend me an outfit!!!

Bingo!!! What better way to go to the ball and speak about the love and joy of Jesus than with a big smile and a ridiculously over the top pink suit?!!!

A few years ago I would never have dared to wear such a thing but the power of Jesus and how much he has healed me has given me a confidence and a boldness beyond my wildest dreams!

And this is exactly what God wants for each one of us! He wants us to be free and at the same time to love and adore him, the author of it all!!

And this is what Our Lady told me yesterday too in her latest message:

Our Lady 

Continue to write my child!

Yesterday I explained to you how through the rosary I desire to transform you all into perfect creatures pleasing to God in every way!

This my little ones is the action of grace, of the sanctifying grace of Jesus poured out on all humanity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The first and greatest benefactor of this mercy was me, your little mother because destined to be God’s most magnificent creature I was in the greatest need of His grace.

Had God not spared me or original sin and its effects I would have been just like you my children. It is through no merit of my own that I was given this extraordinary privilege but through an extraordinary act of God’s mercy!

And so you see as I held my infant son and as I saw him die on the cross many years later I was so very aware that not only was he my son but that he was my saviour!

This is why I desire to bring you all to Jesus my son and teach you to love him, to adore him and to accept and receive the free gift of his mercy as I have.

Jesus desires to free you all, to pour our his grace on you and bring you into perfect union with him like he has done for me.

Come my children closer and closer to my motherly heart and I will bring you to his mercy.

Our Lady so desperately desires us to be free and happy like she is and she knows that the source of that freedom and happiness is not to be found at Pall Mall or in having millions but is to found in the merciful heart of Jesus!

She also knows that so many have never heard of Jesus and though they may be rich and wealthy in the eyes of this world, they are the poor in her eyes and desperately need the transforming touch of Jesus.

And so today as Séamus, Toni, Rayne and I head off to the ball we are praying and trusting that we can be Our Lady’s lights of love and mercy and bring the love, light, hope and mercy of Jesus to Pall Mall and all it’s guests!!

“Our Lady, greatest benefactor of Jesus’ mercy, teach us to trust more and to spread the love and joy of Jesus to all whom we meet!”.

Have a great day!!


P.S. I made a mistake yesterday. Today is Fr Keith’s birthday and not yesterday as I said so you can pray for him and bless him all over again today!! God bless Fr Keith, one of Our Lady’s chosen apostles of the love and mercy of Jesus to all!