Good afternoon everyone!

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at Peter and Richard’s party in Pall Mall.

That’s my friend Peter in the middle. For more photos have a look at this little video…

Anyway today I was up and about early and even managed a gym class before mass despite having drank quite a bit of champagne last night.

The gospel reading at mass and the readings really hit a chord with me. In the readings two people began prophecying unexpectedly and some of those that saw this ran to Moses to stop them immediately!

Moses did the opposite and exclaimed that it’d be great if everyone prophesied!!

Then in the gospel reading people whom the disciples didn’t know were casting out demons in Jesus name and again the disciples came running to Jesus complaining and wanting them stopped!!.

Jesus did the opposite!

These readings reminded me of my life with Séamus and Toni with so many people cribbing and groaning about our ministry of healing and evangelisation because Jesus selected us in an unusual way!

How many times now have we heard that we must be following demons or that we can’t be doing the ministry that we are doing in the way that Jesus has taught us?!

Certainly it’s unusual perhaps for Jesus to use gay and transgender people but why not?! Aren’t we as much God’s children as anyone else?!

It’s also funny on facebook! If we were reaching out to orphans in India and had lots of heart wrenching pictures of us holding starving children I’m sure that we’d get a great following but when we post pictures of us mingling and bringing Jesus into the heart of the gay community we receive minimal support and maximum grumbling behind our backs!!

And yet Our Lady and Jesus continue to move us on in extraordinary ways and we continue our ministry of evangelisation regardless of what people think!

My prayer today is for those who think we are following demons or that we are possessed by the devil!

May they see the devil of hatred and envy in their own hearts and repent from their gossiping and help us on our mission of bringing the healing love of Jesus to the gay community.

Off now to the LGBT welcoming mass sr Farm street!

Have a super evening and please keep us in your prayers.