It’s raining here in London and as I have a coffee I see many long faces! I feel like shouting “cheer up you miserable lot, we’re alive and Jesus loves us” but I don’t think that would be wise.

Yesterday Our Lady continued her messages to me about prayer, mercy and mission. Yesterday’s was more mission focused and here is what she said:

“Our Lady 

My child,

Be not afraid.

My son’s greatest and most magnificent attribute is his mercy. He is mercy by his very nature and his greatest desire is to make his mercy known and experienced.

Mercy by its very nature is attracted to misery and weakness and to those who are helpless.

As apostles of God’s love and mercy isn’t it normal to be called and sent to those souls who are the most in need of hope and healing?

How many are those souls who though rich in merits and graces refuse to be sent out to help others. They are like animals hibernating for the winter, storing up food and thinking only of their own survival.

Jesus did not think of his life or wellbeing in order to help and save others.

In reaching across boundaries and borders he demonstrated the limitless and fearless love of God and ultimately by giving his life he choose the poor and needy over the proud and self-righeous.

I my children supported him, loved him and encouraged him as he shared the mercy that I had already received with others.

Now my children I ask you to do the same. I send you out just like the Holy Spirit sent Jesus and I out and then the apostles and countless missionaries down through the centuries.

Be not afraid my children. Continue to pray and meditate on the mysteries of the rosary and allow yourselves to be guided and led by me.

Fear not those who oppose you but trust and offer your sufferings to Jesus in reparation for the sins of the world.

Today’s message is challenging! Our Lady is calling us to be strong and to be generous and to be her apostles of love.

As usual the main obstacle to this is fear. Fear of not knowing what to say or do, fear of demons, fear of what other people might think or say …

And yet Our Lady isn’t sending us out alone because she’s asking us to pray the rosary and so she herself will be with us!!

She’s also warning us of opposition!! I could certainly write that book but she’s also telling us how to handle it and to keep on going on our mission.

And so today whoever or wherever you are, invite Our Lady to take you by the hand and to teach you how to break down the fears and barriers that prevent you from reaching out more to others.

Think of the group of people that you can’t stand the most (hey, it might be us gays!!) and ask yourself “how could I love them and hear their story?”.

Put away your rosary beads and prayer books for a few hours and allow your hearts to lead and if you don’t know what to say then simply start with “hello, how are you?”.

Have a super day!