Good morning to all!

Tomorrow will be the beautiful feast of the Archangels and of course Michael is my favourite and not just because of my name! He’s got me out of many a scrape over the years and despite what people might think, angel Michael is great fun and not just a guy with a sword

At times people forget that not only do the angels help us but that they love us! They too have emotions and feelings and free will and they are not like soldiers standing outside Buckingham palace forbidden to smile!!

For reasons only known to God in my life I’ve been privileged to have a lot of experiences of angels and if there is one thing that always strikes me about them it’s their love and joy and their desire to bring us into the same and even greater love and joy of being at peace with God!

So before moving on today to the subject of my blog remember that when you pray to the angels that they hear you, they help you and they look at you with infinite love and respect and will help you.

All that aside yesterday I went to the cathedral for mass after which I bumped into a friend of mine called Brenda who then very generously invited me for lunch…

We got talking about many things and especially our up and coming Medjugorje ministry to the gay community.

She told me many stories of when she used to go to masses years ago for gay people to pray for them (she’s not gay) and some of the abuse she got!

“I’ll stick my penis up your ar#e” said one guy in anger.

Once again the conflict and lack of love that not only has been shown to gay people but how gay people too have often been very abusive to other people who do not understand their situation.

It is a very difficult balance to find to welcome communities such as the gay community into the church and at the same time to calling them like everyone to lives of prayer and holiness.

Welcome everyone with no call to prayer and the church becomes much like a pub or restaurant where God is excluded much like this former church that we stumbled upon last Sunday after mass….

On the other hand if one is too severe with prayer and church rules then nobody will come and gay people or indeed any group of people will simply feel that God is an unreasonable tyrant with standards that are too high!

And so the middle ground of being prayerful and at the same time understanding and pastoral is very difficult to find which us why we need help from someone who knows what they are doing……

Our Lady of Medjugorje to the rescue!

Queen of peace, mother of humanity, apostle of love….

Who better to lead us and guide us?!

Our Lady is a mother to us all from the gay community to the straight community to the conservative church folk to the liberal church folk…..Many people, many ideas but ONE MOTHER!

Whichever group we fall into it doesn’t matter because we are all being called to the same thing; loving God and loving eachother.

Over the years church people have hurt gay people and gay people have hurt church people. Not because either group is evil but because both groups have felt both hurt, misunderstood and disrespected by eachother.

As Queen of peace Our Lady wants to bring peace and love, patience and understanding, healing and deliverance to both groups and she will do that by bringing our hurting and fearful hearts to the peaceful and loving heart of her son Jesus.

In Jesus whoever we are or whatever our beliefs or orientation or whatever will we all find love, forgiveness, humility and reconciliation.

All walls of hatred will be broken down and love, mercy and peace will reign!

And so dear readers, please do pray for this very special and extraordinary ministry that will not only bring healing to many gay people, but will reunite broken families and broken church communities.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us!