This morning Our Lady spoke to me about being an apostle of love. This is a term that she uses a lot in Medjugorje in recent years but what does it mean?

My little ones,

Over the last while I have been teaching you about my love and the love of Jesus for each and every person and how through prayer you can become more and more filled with that love which you can then share with others.

Yes my children, I want you to be apostles of love, not just human love which although nice lacks power but apostles of the supernatural life-changing love of Jesus.

Supernatural love touches the hearts. People will share their deepest secrets to you, they will cry in your presence, they will listen to your words and you in turn will bring them to Jesus and to me.

My children, you must be like a man going to a well and filling his bucket with water and then going out to water the dying plants. When his bucket is empty he must come back for more water and rest a bit himself before refilling and going out again!

And so too must you my little ones! You must rest and recharge and then you must go out again and again.

I lead you by the heart. The hurting and broken souls of this world thirst to be heard, for their wounds to be healed, for their pain to be released.

Some may never convert and come to church but you must still love them and listen to them and pray for them. Do not judge from outward appearance or get disheartened by the lack of visible fruits because changes in the heart are far more lasting and important even if less visible.

As you reach out in love across boundaries and love people whom you may have never loved or even spoken to before you will learn so much about God’s very great love and mercy for yourselves and this will be a very great source of grace and healing for your own souls.

The more you live the gospel, the more you will experience its supernatural joy!

This is all I will say today my children. Open your hearts wide and let me lead you.

As I reflect myself on this I see that Our Lady sent Séamus and myself from Medjugorje as her apostles of love before we really knew that this is what we were doing!!

She sent us to Mostar, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and finally to Split for a year before coming to London.

She didn’t send us out with anything except love! We met so many people from the gay community including one called Toni who you all know now.

We prayed with people, we cried with people, we reassured people of God’s love for them and we shared the love of Jesus with them.

Some didn’t understand what we were doing because we weren’t going out and distributing bibles or Holy medals or rosaries and we weren’t dressed any differently to anybody else.

Our Lady wanted us to blend right in and to meet people with our hearts and surprise them with Our love for Jesus.

And so today let us open wide our hearts and pray that we can be Our Lady’s apostles of love be sharing her love to people who might never have experienced it before and leaving the results to Jesus!