Hello everybody from a chilly London. This week we’ve had to start wearing our coats again and “rugging up” as the Australians would say!

Last night as I prayed in the church last night (one of the many advantages of living in a church building) I once again received a message from Our Lady.

This one was particularly uplifting and very fitting for a Sunday!

“Our Lady 

My little children,

How the whole of heaven rejoice in you my little apostles of love.

You must not be afraid but be full of joy! Trials and persecutions will come and you will both wound and be wounded but yet the Holy Spirit calls you to joy!

Be joyful that you have been chosen to serve God just as I was filled with ecstatic joy to be chosen to be the mother of Jesus.

Be joyful when you are persecuted for Jesus and my sakes because it is a privilege to be called to living the gospel authentically.

And yes my children, be joyful when your mistakes and even when you fall into sin because once again you have the opportunity to gaze at the mercy of my son and through your fall to rise again with more grace, more strength and more humility!

Yes my little ones! I call you to exhuberant joy as my apostles of love and I promise you my children my own special motherly protection and love as you step out in love bringing the love of Jesus to those who are in most need of both hope and healing.

So basically Our Lady is saying that to be permanently joyful whether we afraid going through a period of consolation or desolation because when we trust in Jesus EVERYTHING will work for our good, even the bad things!

Now of course being joyful doesn’t mean that we’ll always be laughing and joking but what it does mean is that we can always be happy deep in our hearts because we know and trust in faith that all will be good and that one day we will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus with no more suffering or pain.

Ok but on a serious note, we are being called also to the hard work of prayer, preaching, teaching, witnessing and educating people about Jesus and how to draw close to him in this life and save our souls for eternity.

And so on that note I’m wishing you all a very happy joyful Sunday and indeed every day as you witness and share the healing love and joy of Jesus to the world!