Good morning!

A new day, a new week and today a new message from a new source …Padre Pio!

“Padre Pio

Write my child and share. Fear not people’s opinions on you but simply remain faithful to what God is asking of you.

Today I desire to speak to you about the subject of confession. My priesthood was well known for two major things; how long I spent in the confessional and how I celebrated the mass.

Confession and mass my children go together like two pieces of a jigsaw. The more open and free of sin that a soul is, the more graces they will receive in the mass and the more they will be healed and strengthen for their life and mission.

When souls don’t go to confession regularly and make poor confessions they become blocked. Their spiritual hearts become slow, the flow of grace slows down and it affects the person’s entire life.

In the physical realm when you have heart problems you have remedies such as blood thinners, healthy eating and heart operations.

The spiritual soul isn’t much different. Remedies such as prayer, healthy living and inner healing are required to get things working well again.

My children. I invite you to see confession as a source of joy and not punishment or guilt.

See it as a place where God desires to transform your weakness into strength and supernaturalise your lives. See it as a place of healing and of freedom and run to confession with joy.

My children, many of your priests do not value enough the power of this sacrament and many do not know how to help souls make good confessions that will bring healing.

I was especially privileged in this area as the Lord would often reveal to me the sins of others by various means to free them.

The priest must help the soul to identify the sins and to root out the sources of these sins in the heart.

Sadly many priests do not go to confession often and when they do they hide many of their sins from eachother as they dress them up in theological language.

Happy the souls who are simple and direct and bring their sins to Jesus just as they are.

Other priests no longer believe in the healing power of confession. Besides it being of a certain psychological benefit to go to confession, they believe not in its healing power and the action of grace.

The result is that many people with spiritual ailments are falsely sent to the doctor or psychiatrist and are diagnosed with illnesses that could quite easily be healed with prayer and correct spiritual direction.

How much Jesus grieves when priests damage even further wounded and vulnerable souls and when they misrepresent him.

The priesthood is an enormous responsibility and most especially how the priest administers the sacraments.

Priests must endeavour to be always in a state of holiness and clarity of mind when they are helping souls just as a surgeon in a hospital must be awake and alert as he does his job.

Do not get disheartened my children by those who laugh at you and condemn you for believing in the healing power of Jesus and of the sacraments.

Offer your pain and sufferings to Jesus and pray especially for the Lord to raise up fearless and holy priests who will guide souls to the heights of sanctity in these perilous times.

I bless you now Michael and I tell you to have no fear. I too was bitterly hated and rejected by so many in my time.

Padre Pio 

And so today we are once again being asked by Padre Pio whether we are a priest or a lay person to see God as a loving father who desires to heal us and transform us into people who love perfectly and that the confession is one of the privileged places where God does this.

Our Lady of Medjugorje invites everybody to going to confession at least once per month and I know many people who go far more often and not because they are scrupulous people but because God has placed a thirst in their hearts for him and is drawing them closer and closer to him.

Many saints such as mother Theresa and John Paul II reportedly went every day because they were responsible for helping so many others and wanted to do so with as much perfection as possible!

So let’s make great use of the confession and let’s pray for priests who have become complacent, unbelieving and lazy in relation to both the practice and administration of this wonderful gift.

Have a holy day and week!