Yesterday we had the funeral mass of our friend Michael who passed away a few weeks ago out in Ealing!

Michael was certainly a man who knew the value of prayer and confession and one of my first meetings with him was when he asked me if our priest was available for confession.

After the mass we were all invited for a little social gathering which was very nice and even if Michael wasn’t there physically, he was there with us in spirit and was bringing us all together.

Michael would often tell me stories of feuding families and tell me of how he’d often write letters to people and do his best to to help people to heal and to forgive.

As the coffin passed by where I was standing with some beautiful Irish song to Our Lady some tears rolled down my cheek and indeed many other cheeks. Michael was our friend and not only that, he was our family for all of us who live here but are not from here.

I’m sure that as he’s now with Jesus that he’s not regretting a single prayer or confession or act of charity!

And on that note Padre Pio continued to speak to me today through an inner locution on the importance of confession.

Padre Pio

Continue to write my child!

Yesterday I spoke to you about the importance of the sacrament of confession. It is not a magic solution to all the problems of life nor an instant remedy for sin!

This is why God invites you to going to confession regularly just like you do many other things in your life regularly such as cleaning your houses, washing your cars etc. 

It is inevitable that you commit sins over the course of each day and week and little by little they build up. Even seemingly small things can have very bitter roots which is why confession not only cleanses you of your sins but also allows God’s grace into the depths of your souls where these sins originate.

You may not see the fruits of confession immediately like you see in the physical realm but you will see the fruits over time.

You will grow stronger with a clearer and more simple resolve to love God. You will be less tempted by habitual sins and most of all you will grow more in your love and mercy towards others.

Satan will do all he can to discourage you from going to confession by whispering his usual lies into your ears!

“It makes no difference”

“You always say the same thing”

“The priest doesn’t listen”

“It’s humiliating and unnecessary”

The list goes on and there are many half truths because like I explained it is not a one of magical solution and at times the priests do fall well short of the love of the Father.

And yet the sacrament remains equally powerful and the priest equally important!

Don’t forget that the priest is a man too and he too must go to confession regularly as I used to when I was on earth.

Great perseverance is needed nowadays to grow spiritually because the battle for souls is ferocious. Satan knows that his time is numbered and so like a cornered rat he’s unleashing all his anger and venom in a final and futile effort to destroy humanity and separate it from God.

His days are numbered, his power is limited, his abilities are finite. Fear nothing my children and you will climb to great heights of holiness and sanctity under his very nose!

I bless you all now and once again I implore you and encourage you to make frequent use of the sacrament of confession and to pray for your priests and brothers who have been especially chosen by God to help you as they sanctify themselves.”

And so today once again we are reminded that heaven is with us and helping us and that we are being encouraged to keep on going and to keep on running to the sacraments with humility and faith and to allow God to raise us up to the heights of holiness!

Have a beautiful day, stay positive and encouraged and may Michael who is now on the other side pray for us so that we are always faithful to Jesus.