Good morning!

Later today I’m meeting a script writer/ tv producer. He’s writing a story about a gay Irish priest who falls in love with another priests in Ireland and then gets banished to London by his bishop where all is going well until his past begins to catch up on him…..

Such a thing would never happen in real life of course!!

Anyway he wants to pick my brain so who knows what will come out of it. It’s certainly an area where more healing is needed in the church for both gay priests and gay lay people.

All that aside yesterday I received an inner locution from St. Joseph. I’ve been getting these locations for years from saints and angels and of course God but only recently am I more open with them because of the drama that goes with being someone like me!

And yes, even though Saint Joseph never spoke in the Bible and is known more for his silence than anything else, yesterday he spoke to me the same as any of the others.

St Joseph 

My dear Michael. I am with you today in the pain.

I am also in heaven as Jesus’ Father. Not in the same way as the heavenly Father but a father to his human nature just as our lady is his mother..

It would not be incorrect to call me ‘father of God’ but I do not seek this title nor do I want to take away from Our Lady, the mother of God in every sense of the word.

I desire to be a father and protector to the fatherless, to those who have never known and experienced the love and tenderness of a father, to those who have never experienced the security and protection of a father, to those who have never experienced the friendship of a father.

My child, the church and world are full of wounded children in need of the love of the Father. This is not limited to the gay population although it is especially relevant there.

God desires that I intervene to heal the many wounds of rejection and pain inflicted upon these souls through a lack of love.

Be not afraid to tell more and more souls to pray to me and to seek my intercession and I will perform many miracles of healing and reconciliation between these wounded souls and God.

Be not afraid, in the trials I am especially close to you all even though you may feel it the least.

To be honest I had to read this message several times myself and ponder over it. It’s not the type of thing that I’d think of and yet it makes sense.

Joseph obviously has enormous power in heaven and because he’s sort of sandwiched between Our Lady, the mother of God and then God himself he can easily be forgotten.

The second person of the trinity has two natures, one divine and one human (Jesus) and so because Mary is the mother of Jesus, she thus becomes the “Mother of God”.

Joseph on the other hand was chosen by God to be Jesus’ father on earth and although not biologically related to Jesus like Mary, he was nonetheless a father to Jesus.

And so it stands to reason that we could call him “Father of God” or “Foster Father of God”!

Of course this is a little tricky because Jesus already has a Father, Our Heavenly Father but yet if the Heavenly Father chose St. Joseph to be a human father to Jesus on earth then shouldn’t we too be open to St. Joseph’s fatherly blessings and graces on our hearts?

Just as God used Joseph to father Jesus does he desire to use Joseph to refather us and to heal us of any wounds we may carry in our hearts from our own lives.

A lot of gay people get kicked out of home and terribly rejected by their fathers but not just gay people. A lot of people have had terribly difficult relationships with their fathers from violence to abuse etc.

Without healing it’s impossible for these people to look to God as a loving and caring father and this is where Joseph comes in!

Joseph desires to adapt our broken hearts and through his heart bring them to the heart of Jesus.

He desires to heal us and free us from the wounds of life and this year being the year of St. Joseph, his intercession is even greater!

And so today let us bring our hearts to Joseph, the areas where we still don’t trust God fully, the wounds we still carry from our childhoods and let us also pray for all our priests and especially those who may be struggling like the fictional irish priest in the script of the guy I’m meeting today for lunch.

“Joseph, bring healing to our broken hearts and peace to the world”.

Bless your day,