Good morning!

You may recall that yesterday I said that I was meeting a guy who is shooting a short film about a fictional gay priest who got into trouble…

Wanting a bit of the inside track he was very interested in meeting me and as had a great chat about being gay and catholic and of course the issue of gay priests.

He was a very nice guy who had no vendetta or bitterness towards the church but simply wanted to better understand the dynamics of the issue in the church so as to write a better script for his character, ironically “Father Michael”.

The idea for his film was inspired by a member of his family who was gay and died a lonely death many years ago.

I shared with him about my life as a gay catholic and also about my encounters with gay priests.

“You’re a sex magnet for gay priests” he said jokingly after I told him about my experiences in Medjugorje and the trouble that I got into for doing nothing!

I’ve never seen myself like that but it did remind me of a men in Medjugorje who scolded me for sitting up the front at mass and being a source of temptation for the priest! What next I thought, a bag over my head?!

Priest or no priest, they too must be responsible and accountable for how they treat lay people and not blame others for their attractions.

I’m sure that Jesus was an attractive man and so was Mary and that they too got their fair share of unwanted sexual attention in the course of their lives and yet continued their missions anyway.

Anyway from all this grew the idea in Des’ mind to do a documentary on our lives and on what we are doing!!

Father Ted came to mind!!

However on a serious note in seemed like a great idea to do a documentary on the sufferings and trials of gay Catholics and then to explain to people what we are doing now and our desire to have a house or houses of love and prayer for gay catholics who need healing and restoration.

My new friend discussed how he could approach Netflix with it and other contacts that he has in Ireland and in the U.K. and see what happens as he was really impressed with what we are doing and saw the desperate need to do something positive and life giving for the gay community in the church.

And so who knows, only time will tell where it will go and what will come out of it but in any case it was exciting and motivating to meet someone interested in our cause with a heart for helping the broken.

In the Irish language we have an expression “is fearr beagán cabhair ná móran trua” (a bit of help is better than a lot of pity”) and how true it is, all the books and pity in the world won’t do anything for the hurt and the broken but getting out there and loving people and providing them with homes and hope will!

With that in mind I’m praying to mother Teresa who stepped out of the world of speculation and into the world of action and around her formed an international community of love for the poorest of the poor!

May there be a worldwide community of love and prayer one day for broken and wounded LGBT Catholics who’s only crime was ever just being themselves.

Mother Teresa, pray for us!