Good morning again!

This morning I had a very interesting inner locution from Padre Pio regarding gay Catholics which I will share but firstly just to say that today at 5.30 there is the LGBT welcoming mass and social (held twice monthly) at the Jesuit church in farm street.

Now it’s ironic that Padre Pio spoke to me today because it was also Padre Pio who guided me to this group over 2 years ago.

With Séamus and Toni, I had arrived in London where we knew nobody, had minimal money and were staying in a hostel in an area called Lewisham which although vibrant was certainly not nice or friendly.

Like most catholic churches the local church St. Saviours was friendly but useless to our cause except a few lay people who helped us. The priests were good for getting mass and confession but that was about it. They showed us no real welcome and were of absolutely no help in putting us in contact with other priests or organisations who may have been able to help us.

And so as the ‘leader’ the pressure was on me as to what to do and Toni’s mental and emotional health were suffering radically as indeed were mine!

Anyway I turned to heaven for help and in a vision Padre Pio guided me to go onto Google and to google “gay Catholics London”.

I stumbled on this group where I’ll be going today and so I emailed them.

To my surprise I got quite a speedy response and they invited us to their next mass. Toni kicked up the most awful resistance just before going and I knew it was the rage of Satan trying to block something fantastic.

Anyway we went there in the end and we loved it, even Toni and while nothing major happened we felt a bit less alone and a bit more supported.

Two more weeks passed by and we went again. This time the chaplain to the group was there, a tall man named Monsignor Keith Baltrop!

After the mass Toni got talking to him and he invited all 3 of us to dinner the following Friday in Notting Hill.

You know the rest, we moved that evening from Lewisham where we had no support or friends to Notting Hill where we were surrounded by a parish community open and friendly to gay people with Fr. Keith to help us and support us spiritually!

So you see I have a lot to be grateful to Padre Pio and while he may not come down and give me €50 as my dad scorned once, he has saved my bacon time and time again!

And so with this in mind, have a read be of the beautiful message that he gave me today….

“Padre Pio

My children, you may wonder why heaven seems so complicated and why God uses angels and saints, prophets and visionaries to help you.

It is true that God’s ways are not man’s ways and God guides humanity in ways that humanity neither understands or appreciates!

Consider your advancements in technology for example. At a certain period in history you had no electricity, something which is now laughable and you had no phones.

Now you all have your own phones not to mention all the other gadgets that you have.

God who is out of time knew about all these things before you were even made. What is a discovery and a new breakthrough for you is of no news to God!

As God watches you it is like a father watching a child learning to walk! Walking is new and exciting to the child but there is nothing new about it for his parents.

And so too it is with spiritual matters. God chooses to reveal things to you and to let you figure them out bit by bit.

Simply look at how the catholic doctrines and teachings have developed over the years as both experience and understanding has deepened.

And yet like in the case of technology there is still much to discover and especially in the area of the LGBTQ community.

The unknown shouldn’t frighten or threaten you but on the contrary motivate and excite you.

Just as new and deeper understanding of the laws of physics allow you to develop new and exciting technologies to make your lives easier and your travel quicker, so too will new and deeper understanding of LGBTQ people make the church more complete and more whole!

For some this is very scary just as many people were scared to go on a plane when they first came into use but I call you all to remembering that fear is not a virtue.

The Holy Spirit is now bringing the care of LGBT people to the surface for them to be loved, accepted and pastored.

Do not say that this is Satan because to sin against the Holy Spirit is indeed very serious.

Pray, pray especially the rosary and pray for the special gifts of wisdom, discernment and understanding and be agents of positive change and hope within today’s suffering church.

Your guide and friend,

Padre Pio 

And so you see, heaven is with us and guiding us and challenging us to deepen our love and understanding and to make our catholic church a place of unity and diversity by bringing all souls to Jesus and to life in various different ways regardless of whether they are gay or straight!

Let us pray and be agents of the Holy Spirit less we become agents of Satan through obstinate stubbornness and pride.

After all, if Padre Pio sees fit to help us we must be doing something right!

Have a wonderful day and may more and more hearts and minds open to this new and exciting work of the Holy Spirit.


P.S. A special thanks to the group at farm street for their help and support and being there when we needed them.