Top of the Monday morning to you all!

Recently as you know Our Lady has been talking to us about being apostles of love and of reaching out in love to others.

For me this calling is very much to the gay community while for other people it may be something else.

Yesterday I mentioned that upon coming to London we got in contact with a gay catholic group who have a gathering twice per month after Sunday mass which the gay Catholics provide readers, choir, ministers of the eucharist etc.

Yesterday they needed a hand serving the tea as one of the regular guys called Peter was unwell and so I was asked to give a hand!

Months of intense gym training have all been leading up to this moment!!

Holding that kettle may look easy but I’ve had to train my biceps, hand-eye coordination, mind to muscle memory not to mention extensive work on my shoulders and back for the lifting and bending🤣🤣🤣

However on a more serious note it was really nice to help out and to give something back to the group which helped us when we arrived in London and that’s why I’ve agreed to put forward my name to be on the leadership board this coming year.

As simple and all as a cup of tea and a chat is, it has actually been a real source of hope for many because over the cup of tea there is a chance to network and to be put in contact with the many different services and organisations that LGBT Westminster are linked to.

There is everything from counselling to services for the homeless to gay and trans support groups all over London.

For more information visit the website:

I guess the particular charism that I have to bring to the group is the inner healing and prayer ministry with Our Lady of Medjugorje and the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit that to the surprise of some can also be poured out on gay people!!

The glory of God is man truly alive and what better testimony to the whole world than smiling gay charismatic catholics.

Wounds of rejection for being gay take time to heal but they can be healed through both prayer and community and the friendly welcoming cup of tea and chat are just as important as the deep inner healing prayer and spiritual counselling.

No matter how much healing we get we’ll never be healed of being human because it’s not an illness! Jesus calls us all to loving eachother and to forming communities of love!

That said I’m not sure if Medjugorje would be ready for a bus load of gays to arrive to be touched by the love of Our Lady! I certainly know one place where I wouldn’t be bringing them for tea but you never know, the Lord can soften the hardeat of hearts when he wants!!

Anyway all that aside I am very grateful to God that bit by bit things are moving forwards for the gay community and am confident that one day even Medjugorje will become a place of love, welcome and healing for LGBTQ catholics seeking God.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us and in the mean time “tea with Michael 🤣🤣🤣”.

Have a wonderful day and please keep praying for this wonderful ministry of love.