Good morning!

Yesterday I was browsing Facebook and what hit me was the terrible division in our church.

One bishop was accusing the Pope of working with the freemasons and bringing about the one world order because of his pastoral approach to people such as …wait for it “homosexuals”

Another postingbI read a few days ago was equally harsh or Fr. James Martin who does a lot of work and ministry with gay people.

From the outside looking in it seems that when some people don’t understand they automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s evil and from the devil!

Whatever about the actions of the Pope or of James Martin but this type of judgemental attitude is definitely from the evil one and people who behave like this are no different to the pharisees in the bible, so attached to rules and traditions that they can’t see the wood from the trees.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with everything that the Pope or Fr Martin say or do but I definitely don’t condemn them or say that they are evil. I pray for them and trust that God will be merciful to them for any mistakes that they make just as I ask him to be merciful to me.

Anyway along these lines Our Lady spoke to me yesterday……

“Our Lady 

My apostles of love, there are so many misunderstandings and so much division in my son’s church. I desire that you be different and that you be like a musical band or a choir all singing and playing together in harmony to the same beat, love!

Just like a choir or band there are different instruments and different types of voices. The secret of unity and harmony is not to look to your neighbour and compare and judge but to look to the conductor who is leading you all.

Jesus my children has asked me to be the conductor of these times. I am your guide and your mother and those who refuse to listen to me will be out of tune and out of sync with my plan to crush the head of Satan and the terrible evil of these current times.

Once again I point to Medjugorje and to the 5 stones that I have given there for these times.

Many say that Medjugorje is not necessary but let me assure you that Medjugorje is indeed very necessary as is unity in prayer and hearts.

My apostles of love, do not judge eachother. If you see someone struggling then pray for them and only offer advice if after prayer you believe that it is the right thing. After all, the advise the the piano player can give to the person playing the flute is limited! 

Instead be always ready to listen to eachother and pray for eachother and point eachother to my immaculate heart.

My apostles of love, you will make mistakes and when you do, do not be overly hard on yourselves because this is a sign of pride. Instead run back to the merciful heart of my son for healing and forgiveness and continue on your mission peacefully.

Another pitfall is to compare. Again in a band or a choir some voices and instruments are louder than others and yet they are not better, they are just different.

Never compare your particular mission to others because you are all different. Never think that your mission is any less important than somebody else’s less you fall into discouragement and give up!

Instead look to me, the conductor and guide.

Finally I ask you to forgive eachother when you make mistakes that affect the other. When one person in a band or choir makes a mistake it affects the whole group. Nonetheless, be patient and merciful as it may be you who makes the mistake the next time!

I bless you all now as I call you closer and closer to my loving motherly heart through prayer.

In summary Our Lady is calling us together under her mantle and message of Medjugorje for these times. She’s calling us all to prayer and conversion and to be her apostles of love.

Each one of us will have a different mission, a different apostolate and yet united under the same mantle and so let us love, support and pray for eachother and thus bring as many people as possible to the love of Jesus and to the message of Medjugorje.

Have a wonderful day!