As you all know, this year is a special year dedicated by the church to saint Joseph. From our earthly perspective we are devoting ourselves to Joseph but from heaven’s perspective it’s actually Joseph who is devoting himself to us!

In our church thanks to Brenda Walsh we have a monthly mass especially dedicated to Joseph.

You see during this year Joseph has been given extra special power and graces to help us and all we are asked to do on our side is to respond through prayer and intercession.

It’s a bit like the divine mercy or to use a worldly analogy, the January sales. Deals and bargains may be found all year round but more especially in January and similarly with saint Joseph, he can help us next year too but this year he has extra graces to give us that will not be available next year.

If only people were as interested in what heaven is giving us as the shops we’d live in a very different world.

Anyway the good news is that we have two more evenings to Saint Joseph before the year of Joseph ends, one on November 10th and the other on December 8th. If you are in the London area come along or if you can’t send us your prayer petitions and we will but them in the basket at Joseph’s feet.

Just as Joseph would have looked after the child Jesus in probably a little basket like this will he too look after us when we place our trust in him.

And speaking of that, one man who did come along to our evening with Joseph was my friend Peter whom I’ve been teaching about our catholic faith and of the power of prayer to help us.

Now Peter must have been praying to Joseph before the mass because he’s the only one of us that was colour coordinated with Joseph’s cloak!!

Peter loved the service, found it very peaceful and spiritual and I’m sure that saint Joseph will bless him now in ways that we’ll never even know.

After the mass we had the enrollment in the miraculous medal with eucharistic adoration and a rosary for priests, our Lady’s intentions, the sick & the dying.

Many of us already wear the miraculous medal but not everyone has been enrolled in it which brings even more blessings and protection from heaven.

As I hand them out regularly to people I meet in coffee shops or the gym Brenda gave me a whole bunch of them afterwards! Thanks Brenda!!

And speaking of Brenda who puts a lot of work into organising these evenings and drawing people from all over with no benefit for herself despite her own brother being in hospital at the moment fighting for his life in Ireland, we are all very grateful.

It is so easy to take these masses and apostolates for granted and to forget about the hard work, love and sacrifices that others make behind the scenes.

Brenda guided the whole evening and she has a beautiful teachings gift which we all benefited from as she lovingly explained to us what this year of Joseph etc. is all about.

We are very thankful to Jesus for her and indeed to her for responding to Jesus and allowing him to use her. We ask God to bless her and to especially bless her brother Francis at this time.

And after all that we were hungry and we had a nice dinner with a glass of red wine to relax.

So there you go, a beautiful evening of prayer and blessings. If you are not in London and/ or unable to attend these type of events in your own area, do not worry because God sees the desire in your heart.

Why not go into your local church some day and find the statue or image of saint Joseph and place yourself under his fatherly protection while giving him your prayer requests.

Blessings to everyone today and a special blessing to Toni who celebrates his 3rd year of conversion. Would I ever have thought that the stranger I met for a coffee that day would have become my brother and friend.

On that note, with the help of Saint Joseph may we keep on reaching out to others because we never know that difference that it could make.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!