Good morning!

Well as you all know we are in a great battle between good and evil, between Our Lady and Satan and in my case between McDonald’s and the gym too!!

It’s only when we start doing something good like sport or prayer that we see how difficult at times that it is to keep it up and how easy it would be at times to just give up.

Praying for priests or indeed for any intention can seem the same. We often see on the news or have our fair share of negative experiences and we can be tempted to just give up!!

Often I’ve experienced that the priests that I’ve prayed for the most have ended up attacking me and persecuting me the most almost as if Satan was shouting through them

“leave me alone and stop praying, he’s not interested in becoming holy and prayerful, he’s mine”!!

On this note this morning Our Lady gave me yet another message asking us to pray for priests.

“Our Lady 

My child, today’s message is very short. I urge you all from the bottom of my heart to pray for my priests.

Satan plays with so many of them like a cat with a mouse, grabbing them and throwing them in every direction.

Without your prayers and sacrifices my child they will not be strong enough.

Do not get discouraged by their lack of gratitude and love but give constant thanks to God for the sacraments that they provide you with and pray for them to be brought into and kept in the light of truth and of prayer.

When you find things difficult, implore the help of the saints in heaven and keep on going. Many of the saints were persecuted bitterly for their love and faith too.

Encourage others to pray and offer sacrifices for my priests. Their souls are so special to me and I desire to bring as many as possible with me to heaven (I see our lady crying now), not all will come.

A man that has been inspired by Our Lady to pray for priests in our parish of St. Mary of the Angels is a man by the name of John Cassidy who incidentally also has a ministry to gay people!

Every month he organises a mass followed by adoration and the rosary in our church especially for priests and he also has made a list of all the priests in the diocese and set up a system whereby you can pick a priest and then pray for him for the entire year.

I’m sure this ministry is extremely pleasing to Our Lady and is an example to all of us lay people how we can step out in faith and do something beautiful for Jesus and Mary.

For any of you in the London area this monthly mass is on tonight starting at 6pm and followed by adoration until about 7.30pm.

If you are able then come along even if only for half an hour! Every prayer counts, every sacrifice counts and every little effort we makes wipes the tears of our most loving and wonderful mother Mary.

So anyway have a great day and maybe I’ll see some of you this evening!

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us!