Top of the morning to you all and I hope that you are feeling as mad and as energetic as I am!!

Anyone know where this is? A big prize for the right answer!

Yesterday Our Lady spoke to us about the importance of praying for priests and fittingly last night I was at a prayer evening for……priests.

Organised by John and with the help of Fr Keith we had a lovely evening. What was lacking in numbers was made up for with heart and sincerity as we prayed for every type of priest from the most holy to the most heretical and everyone in between!

And speaking of priests, Fr. Paul who has been staying in Saint Mary of the Angels for the last few years is finally leaving and moving on with his life and ministry in his own diocese.

Paul like many others ran into a lot of trouble in his priesthood in the areas of addictions to alcohol, drugs and acting out sexually and has been on a journey of recovery for many years.

He now feels strong enough to return to his own diocese and continue his recovery and priesthood there.

We wish him well and will continue to pray for him in our prayer for priests as he ventures on. Mass tomorrow Sunday at 11am will be a fairwell mass for Paul followed by a gathering in the church hall afterwards. All are welcome!

In the meantime our own ministry to the LGBT community is coming along very nicely with a date for our first mass and lots of enthusiasm from both gay circles and catholic circles. Wednesday November 17th is the date that we are aiming for….

It’s exciting and we are delighted to have the support of Monsignor Keith and our friend Brenda Walsh who has had years and years of experience in organising international conferences with renowned exorcist priests such as Fr Bing and also organising pilgrimages to Medjugorje over the last 30 years and so much more that we don’t even know about.

The monthly prayer evening will be open to everyone whether gay or not and will have a particular focus on praying for and welcoming LGBT people and their families and friends and anyone with a heart for this mission area.

We are very excited and are looking forward to the amazing things that the Holy Spirit will do and the many new friendships and connections that will come out of this!

Obviously there will be many challenges too but that’s how we grow in holiness, humility and wisdom!

And so with all that in mind we ask you to keep us in your prayers while we promise to keep all of you in our prayers too and welcome you to spread the word and to come along!

Whatever your circumstances or situation may the joy of Jesus and Mary descend upon you today and may we continue to praise Jesus because the joy of Jesus breaks through bondages and blockages and sets us free

So let’s keep praising Jesus, keep positive and keep joyful and watch the miracles that he will do for us today and every day!

Have a wonderful day!