Good morning, this morning Our Lady spoke to me about loving Jesus and loving the poor.

Hopefully this is the spirit in which the upcoming synod will be held in. A period of listening, discerning and bringing people to Jesus.

So far I’ve heard a good bit about the listening and discerning part but precious little about Jesus who we are called to make known and make loved to the whole world.

“Our Lady 

My little children, I call you little because you are little in number and without my constant motherly help and guidance you are small and weak.

Yet remember, God’s strength is made manifest through the small, the weak and the lowly.

You do not need extraordinary degrees and education to follow me. You simply need simple and humble hearts.

Many of the most learned in the eyes of the world know the least about love because the supernatural love of Jesus infuses the heart and not the head.

Love cannot be learnt in the same way as you learn in university out of books.

Love is like learning to cycle or to sing. It is learnt through experience, through trial and through error.

As my apostles of love I call you to loving Jesus and to loving the poor.

The poor include everyone who doesn’t know Jesus

Only by loving Jesus and by spending time with him will you then be able to love the poor with his heart of love, patience and mercy.

Love for the poor will then lead you to praying for them and to reaching out to them in new and creative ways and teaching them about the love of Jesus.”

So you see it really is a time to love!! (£75,000 for that clock on the bottom)

What strikes me in this message from Our Lady is the need to love both Jesus and the poor and to bridge the gap.

If we spend too much time with the poor and not enough time with Jesus we’ll become consumed by social justice and human rights and before you know it Jesus and prayer and spiritual growth are utterly forgotten.

On the other hand if we spend too much time with Jesus and not enough time with the poor then we can become totally detached from the human struggles that people face and detached from reality.

It is in this spirit of love for Jesus and for people that we are beginning our Medjugorje LGBT prayer evenings on November 17th.

The idea is to bring people to Jesus and to teach them about prayer in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and healing.

I really hope that this will also be the outcome of the Synnod because Catholicism is not a democracy where we vote for what we like. Indeed if that were the case we’d probably have no mass or prayer or sacraments at all any more and abolish all notions of hell and purgatory. Synod…..sin not!!!

It’s not up to us to change the faith but it is up to us to change how we bring the faith to others.

And so with this in mind let us pray for our church that she may be an apostle of love by developing new and creative ways of bringing the healing and transforming love of Jesus to the world and a renewal of love and appreciation for prayer, for the sacraments and for Our Lady.

Let us be especially vigilant for those who in the name of “love” will try to bring compromise and destruction to our church.

Our Lady, queen of peace, pray for us!