Our lady

My apostles of love,

As a new week begins I once again call you afresh to be my apostles of love.

You will get the strength that you need from meditating on the life of Jesus, the first ‘apostle of love’ so to speak.

Jesus was sent by the Father to your earth to save you. In His divine person and nature he chose to accept and obey the father’s plan for redemption.

Can you imagine this sacrifice!

  1. Taking on a human nature that in comparison to his divine nature was utter weakness and fragility.
  2. With this human nature, choosing to be born into a very simple and poor family.
  3. Working as a carpenter for most of his adult life 
  4. Beginning his mission and being rejected and ridiculed by so many.
  5. And finally dying on the cross.

My little children, how much you admire your celebrities when having lots of money they do something for the poor.

How much more should you admire and love Jesus who became man and chose to leave the perfection of heaven to save you.

The more my children that you contemplate on the life and mission of Jesus the more that you too will get the strength to leave what is safe and comfortable and to go out as my apostles of love.

You know that expression that man cannot serve both God and mammon and how much more true for your times than ever.

My little ones, do not be afraid to give everything so as to gain everything. Do not be afraid to give your entire lives to this mission of love and by doing so gain for yourselves sparkling crowns of glory in heaven for all of eternity.

What a beautiful message of encouragement to us all and especially to those of us who have given our lives to serving Our Lady by God’s grace.

Finally a big happy birthday to one of Our Lady’s tireless apostles of love, our good friend Brenda.

Have a wonderful week everyone and special prayers for Brenda today who is a great example to us all of a life totally given to Jesus and Mary and saving souls.