Good morning! This morning I had beautiful locution from Our Lady about perseverance in the face of discouragement.

“Our Lady 

My little apostles of love, how easily at times that you become tired and discouraged on the road to sacrificial love.

My little ones, it is not an easy road and it is normal to feel tired, to have doubts, to feel discouraged.

This my children is when you need me the most because it is during these moments that Satan your enemy would like you to give up completely.

Jesus set an example for all when being God he needed the physical help of Simon to carry his cross.

And Jesus also had another help as he struggled and fell and endeavoured to get up. I, his mother was by his side lovingly praying for him with all my heart.

My little ones, help eachother, pray for eachother and remind eachother that during periods of trial that I am ever with you.

If you do fall into discouragement and give into some type of vice or sin, pick yourselves back up, seek forgiveness in healing through the sacraments and keep on going.

The more you rely on the power of the Holy Spirit the easier and lighter you will find your life and crosses and that is why I ask you to pray continuously so that you may be filled and docile to the Holy Spirit.

I bless you all today and I promise you my motherly help and assistance as we journey together to heaven.

It’s true that we all go through our ups and downs and now with winter approaching and the sunlight reducing it would be easy to slumber into despair and discouragement and even more so as Christians when we see all the problems in the church and world and so little visible signs of hope.

And yet Our Lady is warning us not to give into these feelings and thoughts but to keep our eyes focused on her through prayer and to constantly love and encourage one another when we may be feeling weak and vulnerable.

And so however hard things may be, may we keep on going and accept the hand of Simon (or whoever) to get us back on our feet with the trust and confidence that Our Lady is by our sides.