Good morning from a freezing London!

Just like the weather, there are so many things in our lives totally out of our control and subject to change. Whether it’s our health or relationships or jobs or finances, we never really know from one day to the next what might change.

Fortunately Our Lady provides the answer:

Thursday October 21st 2021

Our Lady

My dear apostles of love,

Have no fear of the unknown because I am leading you.

Consider a car driving in a foreign country. The car and driving technique does not change but the new country is unknown and in some places may not be suitable for driving quickly or driving at all if there are no roads!

You my children are like the driver of such a car and as I send you out, I call you to prudently entering into new territory.

Just like driving in a foreign country, this can be stressful and there can be a temptation either not to go and to cling to what is familiar and safe.

This my little ones is not the way of the gospel.

Consider my life. Uncertainty was at every corner but faith carried me through.

From my unexpected pregnancy to giving birth in such humble surroundings to our departure into Egypt, uncertainty was the essence of my life.

Similarly as I watched Jesus growing up and eventually leaving his home to start his ministry, uncertainty was all about.

This only increased after the resurrection as the Holy Spirit performed many miracles and sent the disciples to preach and teach boldly to every corner.

Yet my children, one thing never changed in the middle of these things and that was prayer!

Prayer is like an anchor in the middle of a wild ocean, prayer is what will give you true peace and not human stability which is here today and gone tomorrow.

Prayer never changes, God never changes and I never change and so if you cling to prayer then you can be in perfect peace even when there is fear and chaos all about you.

This is the type of faith that I desire you to have for the times that are coming. The faith that trusts in God even when your human certainties are taken away from you and disasters loom from every corner.

Be not afraid my children and resist the temptation to go into hiding and self preservation but rather hide yourselves in prayer and then go out and boldly bring the love and hope of your faith to anybody that will listen.”

And so with all that in mind, let us see every human trial and uncertainty as an opportunity to grow in faith, to keep our inner peace and to share it with others as we venture forward as brave and peaceful apostles of love in these very challenging times!

Peace to your day,