Yesterday was Friday and in the afternoon I went for coffee with Rayne It was about 3pm and part of me felt a little guilty for not being in the church at this special time of prayer.

Yesterday also happened to be the feast of John Paul II, a man I’ve prayed a lot to especially for the ministry of evangelisation.

Anyway there we are in the coffee shop where there were already a few people.

We ended up seated near two guys who were talking so loudly that they may as well have been on loudspeaker.

The more I tried not to listen, the more I heard!!

They were both American, 38 year old, one grew up 45 minutes outside San Francisco, both were very successful in finance, both had girlfriends for 7 years which didn’t work out, one is now engaged to a German girl while the other was half french and half Italian.

They both like skiing and prices in Europe are better than those in the USA and both are very happy living in London!!

Honestly it was painful listening to it. They reminded me of the life in finance I left and why I left and also there was an uncanny resemblance between one of them and my older brother, another ‘successful’ guy!!

As I prayed a little I said to God “what on earth am I doing here with these 2 loud speaking gongs beside me?”.

Immediately I got my answer; to pray for them and offer to God the pain it caused me even to listen to them.

Suddenly I felt the presence of Our Lady close to me and she spoke gently to my traumatised spirit!

Her words were short and sweet:

So many do not give God a second thought…where will they spend their eternity?

They are utterly consumed by the things of this world as you put it. Many have only the smallest flicker of conscience left.

Offer your suffering today for these souls. Their joy will be short lived.

Then it hit me why I found their conversation so painful. It wasn’t because there is anything wrong with finance or travel or even skiing but it was because they were utterly consumed in this type of life that there wasn’t even a mention of God or of anything spiritual.

It was like they were hypnotized or absorbed by worldly success that everything from the way they spoke to how they dresses screamed unbelief to my spirit and caused it pain to think that they could be so utterly deceived.

They were like birds without wings, consumed by things on the ground who had never learnt to fly!

Eventually they left and even the owner of the coffee shop remarked how loudly they spoke and how we could all hear!

Was it self importance or was it just an utter lack of sensitivity for others or was it both?! Who knows.

Shortly afterwards I went to evening mass after which I went for a cycle and called into Tyburn Convent for some adoration.

It was about 8 and the nuns were singing their prayers. It was so beautiful and soothing and calm, the total opposite to the coffee shop and my Spirit relished the atmosphere of prayer and peace!

These nuns won’t be going skiing or won’t be getting married and running big businesses nor will they be wearing fancy clothes and eating in fancy restaurants and in the eyes of the world are not successful.

Yet in God’s eyes, they have been given the better part!

So people, if you are going to dress like a penguin, then do it for God and the rewards of eternal life rather than wasting all your gifts and talents on things that are here today and gone tomorrow.

Thank God for the gift of the Tyburn nuns and indeed all people who have given their lives to Jesus. Today let us pray in a special way for atheists, that the Lord may awaken them out of their slumber!!

Have a super day,