Happy Monday everyone.

This morning Our Lady spoke to me about the power of the poor and the simple. I’m not sure that the owner of this car that I spotted last night fits into that bracket!!

We certainly live in a funny world where some drive cars like this while others don’t even have a bicycle. Last night I must have seen about 20 cars like this one as a cycled back from Mayfair.

“Our lady 

Write my child!

As you become an apostle of love, you will also become an apostle of mercy and justice and this will lead you into many wars and battles that you’d prefer not to have.

Jesus did not get into trouble with the authorities directly. He got into trouble with them indirectly.

Let me explain!

He did not start off his mission by going to the houses of the scribes and pharisees and challenging them on how they were treating certain people.

Instead he began his mission by teaching the poor about God’s love for them and warning them about the pharisees 

When the pharisees found out they were raging as they were afraid of losing their power.

The poor look powerless my child but authorities have always been afraid of the poor, not because of their power but because of their number.

Look at your governments. When enough people are dissatisfied the government falls apart because the authority that they have comes from the people and is there to help and guide the people.

Often people are afraid but when someone with authority educates and explains to them what is happening, fear and silence turn to anger and action.

Never underestimate the power of the poor and the simple.

The real power lies in their hands and this is why your adversary Satan does all that he can to manipulate and brainwash ordinary people into compliance with ungodly ways.

His greatest tool is the media which is why I ask you to cling to me through prayer so that you too won’t be deceived.

For me this message shows me the justice and wisdom of God who understands how the rich and the powerful abuse the poor through things like the media and yet our calling as apostles of love to love and educate people as to the real truths of who they are and the purpose of life.

And so with that in mind let us continue to follow Jesus and to live and teach the truth as best we can by both words and example to the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised while being aware that we will be fiercely opposed by some who have a lot to lose.

In Jesus we trust!