Good morning from quite a dark and gloomy London.

I finished yesterday’s blog writing “Off now to meet more filthy sinners at the gym!!” And when an hour later I found that my gym bag and jacket had been stolen I had to put the patience that Jesus spoke about into practice.

There wasn’t much in it but it had my keys and the jacket was due a change…

The advantage of not ever having anything that costs more than £20 is that when something does happen it’s not such a big deal.

On the other hand, living on providence means that £20 to me is like £200 to someone else and at times one does feel the pitch of poverty, misunderstandings and the notorious “get a job” solution!

Anyway, things have worked out up to now and Jesus asks me to continue to trust even if I don’t know how they will unfold over the next years.

So perhaps it’s fitting this morning as I feel a little weighed down by these practical concerns that Our Lady spoke to me about recharging in prayer!

“Our Lady 

My little children,

How tired so many of you get and how easily you give up on being my apostles of love!

As your mother I understand your need for rest and recharging only too well but I offer you different remedies to the ways of the world.

Lavish holidays and over pampering the body is not the answer for much of your tiredness comes from your weary spirits.

You will find the real rest that you need in prayer and among the support of your prayerful friends.

Do not let yourselves be seduced away from prayer in the name of rest or of balance but learn how to pray with your hearts in a way that unburdens you and rengerises you.

If prayer tires you out then you are not praying properly and you are not praying with your hearts.

Talk to me your mother, tell me all the things troubling and bothering your hearts however sinful or shameful and I will free you.

Do not just tell me the good things or the things that you think that I’d like to hear but tell me everything.

In telling me everything I can help you with everything and revive your drooping spirits.

This doesn’t mean that we have to be sat in the church the whole time praying. To be honest I have some of the best prayer times when I just go for a coffee on my own and talk to Our Lady. At times I feel her opposite me and many times I cry as I feel her saying “it’ll all be ok”.

Our Lady is very gentle and caring and yet she is very strong at the same time. Her strength comes from her love and as she shares it with us, we become strong too in love and in faith and the burdens of fear and doubts etc. fly off us.

Our Lady isn’t saying either that it’s wrong to go on a holiday! She’s just saying that at times it’s not a holiday that we actually need or indeed can afford.

So let’s reach out to Our Lady today with all our worries and prayers, let’s ask her to help us and let’s trust that she will and that today’s problem will be tomorrow’s testimony!

Enjoy your day!