Good morning and happy all saints day to all!

Yesterday as I was looking at Facebook I saw this image showing a pregnant mother who agreed to be the surrogate mother for her gay son and his partner.

So basically her son’s child would actually be his brother or sister! Honestly it made me feel very uncomfortable and such is the dilemma of today where the catholic church refuses to acknowledge same sex couples at all while the world steams ahead and offers all sorts of options many of which make me feel very uncomfortable.

Whether gay or straight we are all called to holiness and holiness means moral boundaries.

We need only look at the celebrities in Hollywood to see that the straight world isn’t any better but still, it’s frightening when we see people living with no notion of God and deeper understanding of the sacredness of life.

These type of gay couples do absolutely nothing for people like me and make the average catholic even more afraid of gay people and same sex relationships and understandably so.

And like it or not often Rayne and I feel a certain guilt by association. We sense when people are afraid of us, when people judge us and when people ignore us and treat us differently in church circles and it’s not easy. It’s the cross.

Yet when I think about it we all suffer the same thing at least to a point. In France the good priests get called paedophiles because of the ones who fell short and how many of us get treated badly just because we’re Catholics as if somehow by being catholic we support the abuses that have happened in the church?

On the subject of same sex relationships God the Father spoke to me a few days ago as I was feeling upset and troubled by it all.

Heavenly father 

I am your father and creator my child. I love you infinitely. Your love for men is given to you by me. Love with all your heart and my grace will follow.

There is no lust in my love because my love goes beyond what is normal and natural to you human beings and raises you up to live by my Spirit and to live a “new normal ” and a “new natural”

This seems like nonsense to unspiritual people who live and “love” like there is no supernatural world or higher calling.

Your way of life is an insult to them and their lives and they will hate you for it.

Do not be afraid because I will be with you and in you to defend and protect you 

Once again God is confirming to me “love yes, lust no” and this is not what a lot of gay people and even gay Catholics want to hear.

We must be very careful when dealing with God that we don’t put words in his mouth because they are what we want to hear or what we deem as reasonable. More than often these thoughts and thinkings will have nothing to do with God’s will or ways and only lead us further from him.

Preaching, teaching or writing about these things will not make you popular because following God involves prayer, sacrifices and hard work and modern man is simply not willing to go there and wants happiness now without restrictions.

And so this morning, this is my prayer for the gay community and indeed everyone.

That we surrender our lives to God and that we allow Him to show us His plan for our happiness rather than making up our own rules and ignoring His ways.

This is not easy but let’s remember all those saints who have gone before us and remind ourselves that they earned their crowns in heaven by following Jesus and the narrow path of prayer and holiness.

All you holy men and women in heaven, pray for this mission of evangelisation to the gay community and to the whole world and may each one of us live lives of holiness to the best of our abilities not be disturbed by what others say and think about us.