This morning I got this image from a friend. November is the only month starting with “no”.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if indeed it was the month with no bad news, no deaths, no failures…….

Dream on! Jesus doesn’t promise us such things but what November could be is the month of no grumbling and complaining, no fear and anxiety and no hurting others.

Or at least less of all of the above as we refocus our gaze on Jesus in prayer and grow in trust and holiness.

Now yesterday was all saints day and today is all souls day.

I’m not sure about you but I’ve certainly related better over the years to the suffering souls in purgatory than to the perfect ones in heaven! Very aware of own weaknesses and imperfections I’m still very far from the perfect holiness of the saints but hey, as a priests in France once told us ‘the important thing is to be on the journey”.

And speaking of the Holy souls, Our Lady gave me a touching locution yesterday about them which I’ll now share.

“Our Lady 

Today my children many souls will be released from purgatory and will shower many blessings on you and your families.

Yet the suffering in purgatory is purifying and not sanctifying in the sense that it purifies the suffering soul without increasing the souls degree of holiness.

If the holy souls had suffered the same suffering on earth and offered it to Jesus in prayer then not only would they have avoided purgatory altogether but they would have become very great saints.

My children, do not waste your sufferings and crosses but use them to become saints.

Unite your crosses with Jesus and aspire to become saints 

I’m not sure about you but for me this is quite sobering and reminds us that Jesus makes us holy through the trials and sufferings of our lives.

If “No”vember really had no deaths and no bad news and no failures then how on earth would we grow in holiness?!!

Instead let’s take the heavenly perspective. November like every other month will have ups and downs and failures and disappointments and deaths and bad news at times but yet Jesus will be with us in every moment and while these trials may stretch us, they will also purify our hearts ability to trust in Jesus in the storms of life.

Let’s be wise and as Our Lady advises, allow our sufferings to transform us and to shape us and to sanctify us down here so that when we do die our souls will be like big strong ships ready to explore and navigate the vastness and perfections of heaven rather than little boats restricted to the shallow waters happy and yet regretting that we didn’t make more of an effort while on earth!

Let’s have a holy and prayerful November and use our pains and sufferings to save souls and to grow in personal holiness and as usual when we do fall short and begin to moan and groan let us run to Jesus hidden in the priest in confession who is always ready to forgive us and strengthen us and encourage us to keep on going!



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