Good morning!

Ever wonder what happens to your guardian angel when someone dies and goes to purgatory or worse still hell?!

Does the angel have to suffer because of our sins?

Obviously not! The angel is Holy and it’s not his fault that we are not and certainly not his fault when souls choose hell.

So where does he go and what does he do?

Glad you asked because this is what Jesus showed me yesterday during mass.

As I received communion on behalf of the souls in purgatory I saw many souls being released into heaven and being reunited with their guardian angels with such ecstatic joy.

Now think about it. Right now your guardian angel is beside you. You can’t see him or talk to him like you would with a human and yet there he is. You know very little about him like what he looks like or what type of personality he has (because they are all different) and yet he knows everything about you because he’s been beside you since the day that you were born and has a memory that forgets nothing!

And so when we die and are freed from the body we become Spirit like so to speak and so we will be able to see the angels and communicate directly with them!

Imagine the joy of our guardian angels when they smile and say “it’s me!!”.

And imagine how we’ll feel when we see them all face to face for the first time….certainly motivation to do our bit of purgatory if needs be.

So going back then to my original question. No, our guardian angels do not go to purgatory with us but they go to heaven where they pray for us for our liberation and although they may visit us in purgatory every now and then like visiting a patient in hospital, they do not stay there and if someone goes to hell well then the angel has no more to do with that soul but from heaven will continue to pray and help other souls as God sees fit.

And so can you imagine the day that released from purgatory your angel grabs you by the hand and says “let me show you around heaven!”.

Free from all the effects of sin we’ll be able to float about the heavens like eagles exploring different areas while contemplating God himself and we’ll have our angels there beside us for all of eternity!

And so today you may be tired, you may be struggling but keep on going because one day every pain and ache offered and united to Jesus will be like heavenly rocket fuel propelling you into the depths of the heavens with your angel by your side.

Let us continue to pray for the release of more and more souls in purgatory and trust that on that wonderful day of our death that they too will come with Jesus and our angels from heaven and welcome us into the eternal festival of God’s love.

St. Martin de Porres who’s feast it is today, pray for us that we may be faithful witnesses to Jesus and obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.