Good morning and as I was expecting, heaven is teaching me more and more about the Holy Souls this November.

Today Jesus spoke to me and I found it most interesting while quite sobering.


My children, there are many myths about the sufferings in purgatory that portray me as a cruel and mean God who enjoys punishing people.

If I have forgiven a soul for example, why then may it still need to suffer in purgatory?

Why have countless visionaries experienced purgatory and stated that the suffering was enormous and that the souls were in the worst agony?

How can these things be and yet how can I be a gentle loving and merciful God?

Firstly I must confirm that the above things are true. Even souls who have repented often need to spend significant time in purgatory before they reach heaven and yes, the suffering of purgatory is indeed agonizing.

To understand this from the eyes of God and not the eyes of man you must consider the notion of eternity.

The purification needed to spend eternity with God in heavenly bliss is enormous but fades into nothingness when one considers the majesty of God and the notion of eternity.

Secondly it is true that the suffering is very severe which is why time and time again i come to this earth and I beg you to offer prayers and sacrifices for the Holy souls because your prayers and sacrifices have the unique power to alleviate the suffering of these souls and free them to enter heaven.

When you refuse me your prayers and your hearts, it is you and not I that are lacking in mercy and when you refuse to teach others my ways, again it is you and not I lacking in mercy.

The wells of my mercy are infinite and all I ask of you is to draw as many graces from them for yourselves, for your families and for the souls in purgatory.

I implore you not to ignore my requests and not to ignore how much I need your prayers and sacrifices for the salvation of souls and the conversion of sinners.

Well to be honest I think all of that is quite selfself-explanatory. In essence it boils down to the famous quote of St. Augustin:

And so once again reminds us of our Christian duty to live holy and prayerful lives and to teach others how to do so too and especially in this month of November, to teach people about purgatory and and encourage them to pray for those suffering souls that Jesus so desires to free.

He can’t do it without us!