Recently there has been a lot of talk about things like Covid 19, Cop 26, the Synod etc.

In short all these global initiatives to solve global problems. I don’t know about you but at times for me it seems a bit overwhelming and even intimidating as all these talks and discussions go on and most of us haven’t got a clue what’s happening !

We can feel small, unimportant and insignificant and certainly any of us that are involved in prayer can feel cast aside as one thing that will not be discussed as a solution at most of these events is prayer.

Yet Our Lady has often said that prayer can solve all sorts of problems including things like climate change etc.

If the whole world genuinely had an experience of Jesus and began to pray, we can only imagine what would happen both in the natural as people put their sins right and in the supernatural as God’s power descended on the world.

It’s ok to dream every now and then but it’s true, if people really had an experience of God they’d look after the planet and others out of love and not fear.

But ok, back to reality! We do not live in such a world and without some supernatural intervention our world leaders are a long way from putting God and charity first.

And so in the meantime we must live in this storm and do our best without getting discouraged.


My little children,

Be not afraid. Although humanity is passing through very stormy seas, I call you not to focus on the storm but to focus on me.

Your mission is not to stop the storm for it must be but rather to provide relief and solace to others in the storm.

You will get discouraged if you focus on all your problems in your world and try to fight them, instead you must focus on me and do the little good that you can even if it seems utterly insignificant in contrast to all the worlds problems.

Continue to meditate on my life with my mother in the rosary. I did not heal everybody, I did not help everyone nor did I even try. I gave my life as an example for others to follow. I was not a world leader, I was not a politician, I had no official status or position and yet I carried out the will of my father perfectly.

Many of you too my little ones are invisible and insignificant in the eyes of your world. Be not discouraged for heaven sees you and your prayers and sacrifices reach heaven without any titles or first class post!

The world will hate you for your simplicity and seeming lack of education but worry not, it is so called education that has driven so many away from me and I, Jesus will educate my chosen apostles as I wish.

My mother constantly watches over you my little ones and St. Michael and his army of angels surround you.

Small steps are big steps when taken with love! Trust!

And so once again Jesus is calling us to trusting because He has an entirely different plan and mission which of course doesn’t exclude the environment or the covid 19 pandemic because but yet puts conversion of heart and prayer at the centre. Jesus knows that as bad an all as the environment problems and other problems are that there is an even worse problem and a greater enemy; the spiritual decay of our world led by Satan and his angels and that there is only one solution to this one…..following Jesus.

Jesus, help us to trust you more and not focus on the storm all around us. Protect us from all discouragement and keep us close to your heart and to the heart of Mary.