Every now and the there seems to be a season for Birthdays and on Sunday I committed an unforgivable sin by forgetting my mum’s birthday!!

Rayne’s Mum turned 60 the day before and I remember telling him how my mum’s birthday was the next day…and then I forgot!!!

Anyway as I went to mass yesterday I prayed for her in a special way and am very grateful that even in her old age she often sends me some money out of her state pension.

She’d often joke when I was a child how she was dying to be pension age because she’d have a source of income.

Being a fulltime housewife and carer for my grandparents was beautiful in God’s eyes but came with no salary, just like being a missionary and so it always touches me greatly when she sends me some money because I know that she never had money in her life and even now when she does have a little income she’s generous with it!

So happy birthday mam, thanks for everything, lots of love.

Another birthday we celebrated was Peter’s who’s a little older than my mum….

We brought him to Nando’s last night where thanks to Séamus we enjoyed a 40% discount and thanks to my friend Eddie was able to enjoy the evening as he donated a few £££.

On that note another thanks to my wonderful uncle Thomas who sent me some money to buy a new jacket and also to all the other people who help me financially. It is most humbling to live like this and even after so many years I still have fears of running out of money and finding myself homeless.

On this note Jesus spoke to me this morning!


My children. How many of you are afraid of me, your Jesus, and how sad my heart feels to see your fear.

Fear my children is normal but you must not let it conquer you.

I too lived as a human being and faced all the same fears as you because it is not natural or normal for your human nature to suffer.

Remember, I never made you or intended you to suffer and so it’s perfectly normal for you to fear suffering or to wish to avoid it just like children avoiding the dentist.

This cry will come from the flesh and it’s only in prayer that you will get the strength to overcome your fears and do what is right even if it is difficult.

I do not condemn you when I see that you are afraid. On the contrary, your weakness draws my mercy and I call you to me to strengthen you and to help you to overcome your fears and weakness.

Call on the angels and the saints to help you and above all be gentle, encouraging and supportive with eachother.”

As usual Jesus is so real and reassuring and at the same time encouraging!

I know that at times myself that I get paralyzed with fear and all I can do is sit at his feet and ask him to strengthen me.

He often also beings the right supportive people around me to help call my nerves and get me back on the horse so to speak.

And so today, let’s bring all our fears to Jesus, let’s do our best to be patient and encouraging with eachother and once again, happy 70ty birthday to my mum from her forgetful son!


P.S. My phone bill is £12 per month. If anyone would like to help me pay this by donating £12 each month then I’d be really grateful and will pray for all your intentions.