Good Saturday morning!

In prayer this morning Our Lady spoke to me once again about the holy souls and the need to pray for them. I never quite know what she will say to me on any given day so I’m not only the messenger but I’m also the reader just like you guys.

Sometimes I’m even afraid that she’ll tell me something that I don’t understand or that is challenging and that I’ll get the blame for making it up or being a heretic, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ area! It’s not easy and is a true martyrdom in many ways.

That said, it is also a wonderful privilege and when we follow Jesus there is always the cost or the cross.

Our Lady 

Day by day my little one. Today I desire to speak to you again about purgatory and the terrible need for prayer. Write!!

My dear children, how Iove you all and how I desire for you all to be with me in heaven ome day.

Heaven my little ones isn’t just a place, it is also a state of being. When one lives in heaven, one becomes part of heaven.

Imagine as in many of your modern movies now if aliens from another planet arrived on earth, they could not survive unless they too learnt to breathe in oxygen just as you could not survive unless you adapted to another planet.

While heaven isn’t a planet with an atmosphere of gas, it is a supernatural place with an atmosphere of love!

Love my children is the oxygen of the supernatural world and in order to live in heaven your spiritual beings need to adapt to this love where you will be eternally happy.

If this work is not done on earth then before entering heaven it must be done because otherwise you would die!

In his unfathomable mercy God has made purgatory. Purgatory burns with love for the mercy of God who saves so many souls, souls who refused him for years.

The love of purgatory outweighs the suffering despite the suffering being beyond all human reckoning.

The nearest human analogy would be the suffering of burn victims and the slow agonizing process of the skin regrowing in layers and then peeling off with each new layer more healthy.

This is why my children God needs your prayers to alleviate the suffering of these souls and to allow them to enter heaven.

I understand that it is hard for some of you to understand why an all powerful God needs your prayers and why He can’t free these souls without your help.

The solution is very simple, it is because God chose it this way from the beginning of the world and he doesn’t go back on his choices.

It is so easy to forget about these souls and how you can help them because you do not see them and your lives are so busy.

Nonetheless, I implore you to take a moment and pray for these souls by uniting the trials and sufferings of your days to Jesus for their purification.

You do not have to be perfect my children to help these souls and though you may be struggling terribly with sin and vices yourselves you can still help these souls enormously and on judgement day they will stand by the throne of God in your defense.

Thank you my children and please tame my pleas to heart for your own good and the good of the whole world.

And so today let us cast our minds and imaginations to Jesus and to the souls in purgatory and let’s say something like “Jesus, I offer you today and all the Joys and sufferings for the good of the holy souls in purgatory”.

You may not feel anything and you may even forget that you even said this prayer and not give them a second thought all day and nonetheless Jesus will remember and your prayer will be answered!

So let’s keep on going, keep on praying and keep on trusting in Jesus and Mary and the love they have for us and for the whole world!