Last night I sat in the church with a friend Rita. Every now and then God puts these special people on my path that seem able to understand a lot of my life as if by magic.

Such a beautiful lady and Irish of course!

As I was speaking to Rita about having supernatural experiences I explained to her that there are many mysteries and even what appear like contradictions!

Firstly for example, God who is all wise and all powerful and all loving is pining for our love and consolation.

From experience I see Jesus in utter agony, I see him crying and imploring people to pray and at times so very hurt when they don’t.

How can this be?

God who is all powerful and sovereign and in need of nothing from us is whimpering for love like an abandoned child?

God who is all strong and independent is now all weak and needy and dependent and what our modern world would call pathetic!

If Jesus went to a shrink they’d probably tell him to focus on the positive, to stop thinking about the people he loves that might end up in hell and to get on with his own life in heaven!!

It’s be so much easier if I went to the church and Jesus smiled with a big hug and said “hey my little chicken, everything is brilliant, I have no need for your company or your prayers or your comfort, go now and have a wonderful evening because I have it all under control”.

And to be honest there are parts of me that rebell a little too!

This is why many people turn to the new age and other ideas of God because these other “Gods” are just that, unlimited positive loving energy that needs nothing in return just like this little psychic parlor I spotted recently in my neighbourhood.

And so with all that in mind I went to pray in front of the blessed sacrament last night and to listen to Jesus.

He was angry! Some people think that Jesus is always ‘zen’ but not at all, some days he’s happy, some days he’s sad and yesterday he was angry!


How few my child respond to my pleas for prayer and for help.

“God can do it all” they say

“He is all powerful” they attest with “faith” as they excuse themselves time and time again from the hard work of conversion.

God who is all powerful made himself all weak and all needy and came among you to raise you up with him?

Will you refuse Him help and quote him theology at the same time?

Do you know God better than God?

Do you know God’s ways better than God?

Have you become more wise in the area of spiritual direction than God?

Turn back you blind fools who refuse to pray and heed my pleas.

Your harden hearts are more displaying to me than all the sins of impurity and even abortion that you talk about so easily.

Woe to religious hypocrisy which turns my church into a cesspit of sin. It would be better for you if you were atheists than to call yourselves Christians and behave like that.

Convert your hearts and change your lives before it is too late. I will not remain silent forever nor will your evil ways remain invisible.

Jesus isn’t trying to frighten us but he is trying to warn us because to ignore him, to ignore prayer and to ignore his pleas to humanity through visionaries and seers all over the world and from 2000 years of church teaching is very serious sin.

We can talk easily about aborted babies because we can see them and point the finger at those involved as murderers while we sit smug but what if we learnt that our prayers could have prevented some of these abortions if we weren’t too busy watching the T.V. evert night and saying to ourselves ‘I’m a good person, nothing to do with me’.

In the eyes of God we may be far more guilty that we think and in for a terrible shock when we die.

Fortunately Jesus didn’t just leave it like that. He asks us once again to convert our hearts and to take prayer more seriously if we aren’t already.

Now don’t worry, Jesus will also give us plenty of time for recreation too and doesn’t want us down in the dumps about the problems in the world all of the time but he does want us to take up our crosses and with Him carry our share of the world’s problems.

Let us endeavour to love and console Jesus more and to teach others how to do the same.