Good morning everyone and we are quite excited this week as we will have our first Medjugorje/ LGBT themed evening of prayer.

Just like over in Medjugorje itself, the aim of these evenings is to bring people to know the love of God, to teach about prayer and God’s ways and also to pray for people for inner healing etc. in the areas where they have been wounded by life especially when it comes to sexual orientation and gender etc.

We are praying and trusting that Our Lady queen of peace and Jesus, king mercy team up and make this ministry rock!

All are welcome but be warned, if you don’t like gay and transgender people or if you think that they should be all straightened out and single then you should probably stay at home🤣🤣🤣

Yesterday evening we went to the LGBT Westminster gathering and Jesus asked me to offer the mass for priests in purgatory.

After communion I had the most wonderful vision of all these priests floating up out of purgatory and into heaven and being reunited with all the people they knew throughout their lives and with God himself!

What hit me most was their ex parishioners who had been praying for them and how grateful they were to God for their priests who had helped get them to heaven.

Imagine getting to heaven and everyone that you helped and loved during your entire life, most of whom you’ve probably totally forgotten or didn’t even think that you helped that much were there praying and waiting for you!

Afterwards I saw them reunited with their families, fellow priests, bishops, angels, saints ….

It was beautiful!

Yet once again I was reminded that a priest on earth stays a priest in heaven. Now don’t get me wrong, there will be no need for confessions and saying masses in heaven but yet there is a difference and while I neither know or understand the full details, it is what it is!

And then this morning I got this message on my Facebook:

“If purgatory is real and people can pray souls out of there then Jesus died for nothing!! Hebrews 9:27People do not get a second chance bible clearly says they die once and then comes judgement. What was the point of Jesus dieing for our sins if we can pray them out of purgatory. Sorry Michael that is pure rubbish we are to pray for people while they are alive not dead.

Written by an evangelical genius gifted in the areas of wisdom and human relations and sent by the Lord to tell all us catholics that we are dummies.

Nice try Satan, on your bike!

I meant to add that as the vision continued the priests were then shown the current state of earth and then I saw them kneel before God and pray for their fellow priests down here.

What hit me was the need for priests to talk openly and clearly about spiritual realities such as heaven, hell and purgatory and about the need for both personal and intercessary prayer.

Not to frighten people but to educate, inform people and teach people how to live a Holy and sacramental life pleasing to God and helpful to fellow man.

Without our eyes on the prize, it is so easy to lose focus and the prize is heaven and the way is the cross.

And so today let us keep on going and keep on praying for the Holy souls. Let us laugh off all criticism and complaints because the very people moaning and groaning at us today are the very ones that’ll be screaming for our prayers when they reach the other side with empty spiritual wallets!

Have a wonderful week and hope to see some and maybe lots of you on Wednesday evening!

Love and joy to all!