In this world that is upside down and puts God in last place rather than first place, Our Lady spoke to me yesterday!

Write now my child 

My little children, as the days grow darker in this part of the world and as winter sets in, do not let your love grow darker.

Just as many people together around a fire heat and comfort a room and eachother, so too is it with prayer!

I call you into little groups, praying together with me around the fire of God’s love in the  body of Jesus.

Come my children close to Jesus, close to the fire of His love and close to eachother.

Do not be afraid my children, God’s love for you is beyond all your wounds and all your fears. He desires nobody to feel cold or excluded but rather to approach the healing fire of His love and His acceptance with humble and repentant hearts.

I Implore you my children to be humble before God and to allow him to lead you and guide you.

Do not approach his Holy fire with arrogant and stubborn hearts but humbly remind yourselves that He is your God, your creator, your redeemer and that he knows each and every one of you better than you know yourselves.

Seek his will for your lives, accept his love and correction and allow him to make you and mould you into the saints of the future.

And tomorrow evening at St. Mary of the Angels in Notting Hill with Our Lady’s chosen priest Monseigneur Barltrop we will have a lovely evening of prayer with Our Lady and us gay Catholics.

We aren’t necessarily expecting a lot of people as we face enormous prejudices and resistance but hey, so did Jesus and so if you are not afraid of the gay and transgender demons jumping on you and turning you into one of us then please come!!! We could do with all the love and moral support we can find as we step out under Our Lady’s mantle!