Top of the morning to you all!

How exciting that today we will have Our First Medjugorje themed LGBT reach out mass. I feel like a little boy when he gets his first bike!!

On this whole theme of reaching out in love to others, Jesus spoke to me yesterday:


My children, as you love you will suffer because when  you love you see and feel the other person as if they were part of you.

You care for that part and you want what’s best for that part.

When you know how much I love and desire to be known by these other people then you will suffer as I suffer.

Every sin must one day be purified.

Imagine seeing an individual in a moment of drunkenness covering themselves from head to foot with tattoos. Imagine knowing that they will need to be removed and knowing the terrible pain that the individual will suffer.

Sin is like a tattoo on the soul that cam only be removed through suffering.

When you love others you don’t want to see them suffer. You desire to warn them and save them but when they don’t listen  and when they laugh at you and mock you then you must leave them to learn by experience while suffering for their future torment.

My apostles of love. Only with my help will you be able to love and keep loving despite the inevitable rejection.

Never tire of coming to me for forgiveness and strength in the sacraments because at times you will without doubt fall short.

Perhaps a forwarding from Jesus of what’s in store and the difficulties we will encounter as we begin this next step and yet a reminder that He is with us and that we must keep coming back to him when it all seems too much.

So please continue to keep us all in your prayers and especially pray for those people who will come this evening and no matter what you may be going through in your own life, keep running to Jesus for more grace, more strength and more love!


P. S. Rayne was not harmed in the making of that photo 🤣🤣