This morning Jesus spoke to me at 5am while it was still very dark!


Do not be afraid my children to be the light in the darkness of your world.

You live in so much darkness that when people see the light they are uncomfortable and at times even feel sick just like a drunkard recovering from a hangover.

The light my children is not just about being nice and kind, it is also about bearing witness to me and about things of the Spirit.

Many will reject you and reject your light just like a drunkard closing the curtains and going back to bed!

Nonetheless, I call you to witnessing because not all will reject you and your courage and your strength will give others the courage and the strength to follow me and to leave sinful lifestyles.

Do not judge your success on numbers for many who seemed successful in the eyes of the world were not successful in my eyes.

You will form small and fervent groups of prayer and community and from there you will support eachother and witness to the world.

Fear nothing my children and keep your eyes on me, your Jesus, crucified for preaching the way, the truth and the life.

Again a startling reminder that following Jesus is not popular and that yet He calls us to witnessing not just to His love but also to the spiritual realities.

Perhaps he’s encouraging me after our first Medjugorje LGBT evening last night which was very prayerful and while we didn’t have massive crowds, we did have a nice little group and it went very well.

At times it is tempting to go down the road of numbers and “seats on bums” and get discouraged.

I often remember some of the youth ministries in Australia that often had lots of people and yet to me at least seemed to preach half a gospel.

It’s tempting to do this and to just tell people what they want to hear:

“God is love, you are made in His image, He loves you, you are so beautiful, have lovely day and leave your love offerings at the door”!!

I spoke once to a very well known charismatic priest where I was staying about Jesus’ messages to some visionary and he replied “we have no time for that nowadays, it wouldn’t work”!!

Needless to say I didn’t stay in that place or think too much of their evangelisation efforts which focused exclusively on the love of God and shunned talking about anything controversial like hell or purgatory or LGBT for that matter.

Sadly these are the type of politically correct ministries that are accepted in most schools which quite honestly often seem so fake, shallow and farcical and utterly detached from the reality of most people’s lives and families.

“And they all lived happily ever after”

And it’s not just in youth ministry, all over the place the preaching of the gospel is compromised in the name of charity but it’s not charity to hide the truth and play poker with people’s souls.

And so on that note, Jesus calls us to be truthful rather than popular, to be faithful rather than nice, to be courageous rather than week and to accept the consequences!

Praise be Jesus and thanks to all who came last night and who prayed for us.