Last night I had eucharistic adoration alone with Jesus in the sacristy. I was feeling a bit tired and sensed Jesus both listening and recharging me before he spoke to me.

“Many of you are struggling with the weight of the crosses in your lives and are looking to me for help.

Pray my children for the gift of acceptance and strength for as long as you will be on earth you will encounter problems.

I send you my mother in a special way to help you and to comfort you.

Heed her plea for prayer and conversion of heart in Medjugorje.

As you pray from the heart I will strengthen your weary hearts and give you both the strength and the love to persevere bravery.

Under no circumstances should you allow yourselves to neglect prayer. Prayer is your oxygen and without it your spirits will die and you will regress into the ways of the world.

Pray my children, avail of the sacraments and all the aids of the church and you will not fall.

Short and sweet and yet both practical and challenging too. It is so easy to get burnt out and to allow ourselves to be spread too thin and so cut corners when it comes to prayer.

Yet Jesus is reminding us and pointing us to his mother and saying “guys, you can’t do without prayer, let my mother teach you and guide you”.

And so let’s make frequent use of the sacraments, go to mass as regularly as we can and meditate on the mysteries of the rosary as we pray with Mary, thus keeping ourselves strong and above the worries and burnens of the world!

Have a great day and recharge those batteries on Jesus!