Good morning!

Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in about 5 years and to my surprise I have nothing to get done besides a bit of work on two existing fillings which partially fell out! Praise God.

As the dentist poked about my mouth I suddenly thought how wonderful it’d be if we could locate and remove our sins as easily as some tooth decay.

It also hit me how comparatively easy a dentist’s job is compared with a priests.

Imagine 2 dentists gathered around a patient with a black tooth….

Image one saying “simple, it needs a filling” while the other says “no my dear chap, black is the new white, this tooth is fine and those pains are just psychological”!!

It wouldn’t happen right?

But this is exactly what happens when a priest talks about sin!! For every one good priest that knows how serious sin is you’ll find 5 that barely believe in sin or prayer at all besides saying a few Hail Mary’s and being a nice person.

And this is one of the main reasons that places like Medjugorje exist because in such places Our Lady herself gathers the faithful priests and lay people together for these times.

Once again Our Lady spoke to me this morning about her desire for Medjugorje to be more known and accepted.

“Our Lady 

My children, how I desire to gather you together in one heart and mind to pray.

This my little ones is what I am doing in Medjugorje and yet how many of you refuse to listen and to heed me.

Look at your world of technology and how new phones and devices come out regularly with new features and new updates and how eager and willing you are to have the latest model with the latest gadgets and information.

Heaven is just like this and Medjugorje is the ‘latest model’ as you may say because in Medjugorje I am speaking specifically about these times.

This doesn’t mean that those who don’t believe in Medjugorje are not following me. Just like with technology, one doesn’t need the latest model to function but yet one becomes a bit out of touch.

It is similar in prayer. Those who don’t believe or don’t heed my Medjugorje message are not fully in touch with what heaven is doing at the moment and are in need of an “upgrade”.

Pray my children and speak boldly and confidently about Medjugorje and encourage others to go there, to heed my messages of prayer and to convert their hearts.

I will be with you.

Our Lady doesn’t want us fighting and arguing. She wants us to be of one heart and mind and to gather us together to pray and teach under her Medjugorje mantle.

Sure Medjugorje isn’t officially recognized by the church nor is it the perfect place either but yet it’s where Our Lady has chosen and is working and as in all places of apparitions, the church is slow to recognize.

Our Lady is going ahead of the church because the church is so broken at the moment and Medjugorje is her spiritual headquarters on earth. The church will acknowledge this eventually but in the meantime we must pray, we must heed Our Lady and we must be part of the “good fruits” that will show the church and world that Medjugorje is in fact for real and is heaven’s 21st century download for these specific times.

So let us pray and if you live in London please do come to our next Medjugorje evening at Saint Mary of the Angels in Notting Hill!

Bless your day,