Last Wednesday we had our first Medjugorje LGBT evening which went really well.

We started off with some praise and worship with Séamus who has a passion for Jesus and a gift for singing followed by a brief introduction from yours truly.

It was wonderful for us to be able to sing and talk about Medjugorje and God’s love for gay people after so many years of being shut down and silenced.

On our last visit to Medjugorje Fr. Leon turned the whole place against us by denouncing us off the altar and claiming that we were fake missionaries following demons.

Protecting his own skin and position was more important to him at the time than helping the gay community find Jesus and we are still waiting for him to publicly apologise and to clear our good names and allow our ministry to blossom.

We are children of Our Lady and she called us to Medjugorje and gave us a very difficult and specific ministry there and it isn’t for Fr. Leon or Fr. Anybody to say otherwise.

Our evening continued with a beautiful mass with Fr. Keith with beautifully chosen readings from Corinthians 13 on love and the gospel of the lost sheep.

We had specific bidding prayers for the LGBT community as we prayed for the gay community around the world and the hurts and injustices they face.

It was amazing to hear these prayers been spoken out loud and off the altar at mass.

Fr. Keith gave a wonderful homily emphasising the personal relationship with Jesus and how the personal encounter with Jesus comes before all the moral teachings.

Toni served the mass which was reasonably well attended with a variety of people, some familiar faces and many unknown.

After the mass with the Blessed Sacrament exposed Séamus shared some of his testimony.

It is rare to hear these type of testimonies spoken because the suffering of the gay community has often been hidden away and gone unacknowledged.

With Jesus beside him Séamus told us of the terrible bullying that he was a victim to us a child. He didn’t shy away from using the words “faggot, sissy, woman” etc. and describe his 20 years of addiction to sex and drugs.

He too went onto describe the terrible bullying that we went through in Medjugorje as Fr. Leon hung us out to dry and fed us to the lions and yet how Our Lady got us through it and how another Irish priest helped us immensely, thanks Donny boy 😉.

After Séamus’ testimony we had a time of healing adoration which I led.

“Some demons are so powerful that they can sit in front of the blessed sacrament and look prayerful”

Was yet another of the claims that was made against me and so how wonderful it was after 3 years to be able to lead a eucharistic adoration and bring people to Jesus.

It seems to me that some demons are so powerful that they make priests tell lies and believe that the devil is in everwhere and in everyone except for themselves!!

In Medjugorje Our Lady speaks of prayer from the heart and this is what this adoration was all about, praying and bringing Jesus the wounds of our past from our wounded hearts with a specific attention to the wounds gay people endure.

This lasted for about 20 minutes while Fr. Keith made himself available for confessions.

And that brought us up to the end of our prayer evening and in good old Medjugorje style we had ‘tea with Rosie’ which turned into cheese and wine with the boys in the Church hall afterwards with a cuppa and a biscuit for those not drinking!

We got really good feedback and a number of people were very touched by the evening and experienced the love and presence of Jesus.

Sadly we weren’t able to record the evening as our camera let us down and we had a few other little hiccups but nothing too serious. God looks at the love we put in rather than the human perfection.

Of course there are many areas where we could improve and we do pray that over time more people will be drawn to these prayer evenings which are so important for our church and the hurting LGBT people therein.

We are putting it all into the hands of Our Lady of Medjugorje who called us on this mission and this very special apostate and we do of course pray for Fr. Leon too that one day he may have both the courage and the humility to tell the truth and help us to move forward in bringing Medjugorje to the LGBT community.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful Sunday and a special thanks to all who are praying for us and supporting us in various ways, especially to Monsignor Keith Baltrop for being a rock of support, wisdom encouragement and courage!

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for us!