Good evening!

Every now and then one needs to get out of the big smoke of London and escape and this is exactly what Rayne and I did on Sunday.

As you can see we got caught by the anti-gay/ catholic brigade and were guillotined.

Not quite and yet in some countries gay people still face the death penalty and they would not be safe for people like Rayne and I to travel to.

Other countries don’t kill people anymore but they do their best to kill their spirits and sadly our catholic church and catholic education system is largely in that bracket.

Catholic teachers, employees, priests etc. that are gay are often petrified to ‘come out’ in case of losing their jobs etc. Many commit suicide while others live miserable lives as they wait to die and be with Jesus.

Yep, the dragon of hatred and abuse of LGBT people is alive and well in our world and church and killing many.

Which is why this dragon of hatred and injustice must be destroyed and why it is essential for more and more LGBT people to stand up and fight!

And while we might not fight nowadays with the same weapons of old, we have other weapons, our stories and the truth.

The upcoming Synod is just one of the ways which LGBT people may have their voice in the church and tomorrow I will be participating in a special listening event for gay Catholics.

Now you might still be wondering where I went on Sunday and where I’ve taken these photos…..keep on wondering for now and I’ll tell you at the end.

This last photo was taken in the parliament of the country I’ve just visited.

From the outside the building looks like a giant glass house where one can see through the walls and into what’s happening.

This design was deliberate as it represents transparency. The parliament is there for the people to represent the people. It should be open!

Inside is where the action happens and once again the people are welcome into this area too and can view from above.

One is reminded of Jesus when he said that he had “not come to serve but to be served” and how the church’s duty is to serve the people just like the politicians in parliament.

And on the wall of the building was a notice about transgender people and transgender awareness day which has just passed.

I wonder if there was a poster like this in the Vatican or in our local cathedral and churches because if our parliaments care more for LGBT people than the church then the church really is in a mess and is like a man without a head!

Anyway all that aside we really did have a whale of a time in this little place and with accommodation and travel for £25 each it didnt break the bank either.

I reconnected with my inner child at the bowling alley and as you can see all the gym work has paid off!

Spotting Santa’s grotto late at night I couldn’t resist climbing the fence and filling my bag with toys!!

Rayne too really enjoyed himself as he took us to the bay where we found the parliament house by utter accident.

He too is becoming quite the public speaker!!

And so there you have it, another short trip away from London and now back on the national express and due to arrive in Victoria at about 9pm.

So where were we?

Did any of you recognise the building and the one or two subtle hints I threw in?!

Let me put you out of your misery after the commercial break.

We were in Cardiff which is in Wales!!

And for anyone who hasn’t been, definitely worth a visit. It’s very nice, the people are very friendly, lots of things to do and see and for anyone on a budget, it’s pretty cheap.

Isn’t that right “Rayne dear”?!!

So anyway let’s keep fighting the good fight for Jesus and let’s fight for justice for all people in our church, that all will find a home of love, healing and growth and that all structures and systems of injustice be annihilated!

Have a wonderful evening and thanks for reading.