Back in London and Our Lady didn’t give me the morning off. After a good night’s sleep she once again spoke to me of our current times and of the consequences of sin.

Our Lady 

Write my child!

My children, how I love you all and intercede for you before God night and day.

Your concerns and worries never leave me as I beg God for more time, for more prayers, for more opportunities for conversion.

And yet time and time again I come before the throne of God all but empty handed and disappointed.

“How did they react” he asks me and my tears show my sorrow.

Medjugorje my children is a special grace from the mercy of God. Without God’s permission I could not appear there and reach out to save you and implore you to pray.

You see my children, God has allowed me to do everything to spare you and to warn you because He loves you.

The love that I have for you my children comes from Him because He made me to love you!

You must not think or consider God as an anger father that I your loving mother is trying to appease.

No my children. The Father’s love for you is far greater than mine and his anger is born out of his love as he sees how your disobedience is crushing and destroying the poor and the weak.

Your hour of labour has begun and it is with sorrowful tears that heaven will witness it as we desperately tried to warn you and protect you.

Pray my little ones to stay strong and to stay focused and lead as many people as possible to prayer, conversion of heart and life and reparation for the sins of the world.

One senses the tension, the strain between the love of God that really doesn’t want to see us suffer and the justice of God that doesn’t want to see us destroying our lives with sin and teaching others to do the same.

It’s also very clear that God takes no delight in punishing us or in seeing us suffer and yet at times we push him to it by rebelling against him and destroying his plans for us and for the world.

God sees the bigger picture, He knows that eternity looms and he cannot stand by and watch generation after generation being corrupted by sin and taught that it doesn’t matter.

If he was to do nothing and just leave us all alone then he wouldn’t be a God of love because he knows the consequences, he knows the ending.

It is also touching that Our Lady still invites us to prayer and evangelisation despite her disappointment and lack of response from the masses.

She doesn’t just throw in the towel and say “wait for God to smite them all my children and then they’ll listen to us!!”.

Instead she calls us to continue praying and to continue witnessing because every prayer and every soul counts to her even if it’s just one out of over a million.

So let’s keep going, let’s keep praying, let’s keep witnessing and let’s keep loving Jesus as best we can and leave the bigger picture of the conversion of the world to God.