Yesterday as you know I was annoyed at the lack of heart response by a priest in relation to an email I sent him.

And if truth be told, this attitude is just one of so very many over the last 14 years since my conversion. In the early years I used to call it a “holy version of ‘f..k off’ ” and while I don’t like or use bad language, at times one does feel that they’ve been told to get lost or to ‘’ in the nicest and sweetest of ways!

Our Lady had this to say…

“Our Lady 

I am holding your hand my child and am not blind to your great pain.

How hard of heart some of my priests and bishops are. Often so rich in theory and yet empty of practice.

God will not be sweet-talked into being satisfied with a church of sin or in accepting compromise in the name of charity or inclusion.

Holiness comes at a price and requires great humility and integrity and personal prayer.

This is why the 5 stones that I gave in Medjugorje are not things for society or for world leaders but things for individuals.

Each person of every age must apply these principles and seek personal holiness while praying also for the world.

It is a very serious mistake to neglect personal holiness and focus on the problems of the world and society like politicians.

How can Jesus lift up the world if He doesn’t live in your hearts.

It is not enough to have Jesus in your thoughts, you must have him in your heart and this takes time and prayer.

My children, every one of you must pray. There are no exceptions!

Regardless of your age or job or status. Prayer is as necessary for a child as it is for a queen or king or bishop.

None of you would argue that hygiene is important or refuse to wash or brush your teeth.

None of you would argue that eating healthily is not important or think that it wasn’t necessary for you to eat for some reason.

And yet many of you, and many of you with ministries in my son’s church refuse to pray or pray in such a way that it is all but useless.

You value your work too much, you value your opinions and importance too much and in the process you destroy my son’s church with your godless and worldly ideas.

Come back to prayer. Let God inspire your ideas and read and re-read the lives of the saints who are interceding for you night and day.”

A firm and yet loving message from Our Lady refocusing us on prayer and on doing God’s will rather than our own and yet quite a stern warning to everyone involved in ministry not to get carried away with their own ideas but rather to seek the heart of Jesus through prayer and personal holiness.

The church is not a parliament where leaders make decisions on behalf of the people but rather it’s the house of God where leaders are called to pray, listen and discern the will of God and to do His will for the people.

And still as usual, a solution and an invitation to prayer and to practicing the age old remedies of personal prayer , fasting, mass, confession and reading the bible which in Medjugorje are called the ‘5 stones’.

Bless your day and may we do God’s will today in everything that we do and in resolving every problem we encounter.