Last night Jesus spoke to me more on about advent. At times it’s hard to comprehend how on one hand Jesus can be speaking to me while on the other I get abused nearly every day for being a bad catholic!

No matter how much I explain to people that loving and chaste same sex relationships are possible and Holy some just do not want to listen to my voice or indeed the voices of so many other LGBT Christians out there.

It does feel abusive as does the lack of help, love, support and encouragement for this very important ministry.

Anyway, to others horror Jesus keeps me going although they wouldn’t attribute my spiritual experiences to Jesus because if they did they’d have to change their attitudes.

Nonetheless Jesus asks me to continue and to share what he teaches me with others, hoping and trusting that while I will be rejected by many that some will also be touched and find hope in these messages.

Last night Jesus taught me more about advent.


As I said yesterday my children, advent us a period of ‘coming’ and because I have already come into the world over 2000 years ago, for you all it is a period of deepening and of reflecting on my historic coming so that I can come into your lives in a deeper way.

Put more simply! I have already come into the world but I have not already come into many of your hearts.

Advent in a way is a period when the past catches up with the present and when my historical coming on earth is understood deeper so that I can come into each of your lives in a deeper way.

Just like 2000 years ago when many did not know me or recognise me, today in your society many still do not know me!

Others on the other hand know me well and are my modern day disciples.

Such are the mysteries of God my child, both known and unknown, both loved and hated,both listened to and ignored.

The battle is great, the struggles are enormous and the sacrifices are often heroic and yet my children, I call you to keeping your eyes fixed on heaven and to offer your tears and struggles for the conversion of those who do not believe and who lead others with them on the road of perdition.

As I sit with my coffee this morning I reflect myself on this message on on the ways of God.

Jesus himself was considered to be following demons by some while hailed as the son of God for others.

It truly is extraordinary how many different opinions and beliefs exist in our world and how people crush others when their own belief system gets challenged.

Yet Jesus calls us to deepening our faith and to listening to others and to learning from their lives and experiences rather than crushing them and dictating to them.

This is why Jesus so desperately wants to enter into our hearts so that as Catholics we can have his heart of love and mercy and charity and kindness and not judge or exclude people who do not conform or fit in our boxes.

As I write this, I’m writing to myself too! Each one of us needs to become more like Jesus and learn to meet and love people where they are at while encouraging them forward with love, patience and understanding.

‘Dear Jesus, you came into the world 2000 years ago, please come into the corners of our hearts that still don’t know you and make this advent a real and true ‘coming’ of your love into our lives and society”.

Pray for me!