This morning Our Lady spoke to me about advent and as uncertainty around the new variant of the virus looms with facemasks now becoming compulsory in shops and public transport again, who knows what is ‘coming’ this advent and how the world is going to be affected.

And yet Our Lady desires to give us peace through prayer and meditation on the rosary and especially at this time on the first joyful mystery, the birth of Jesus.

“Our Lady 

My child, continue to write!

Advent my little ones was not only a miraculous time for Jesus, it was also a very miraculous time for me.

As the mother of Jesus, I was especially chosen to be the first human being to hold the little child and welcome him into the world.

Can you imagine the joy, the responsibility and the mystery of this?

As I held him I also held each one of you because His birth was also your birth! As I became His mother, I became the ‘mother of God’ and your mother, a mystery that will only be fully fulfilled in eternity when you will all be with me and when those that chose the other road will be lost forever.

Yes my children, eternity begins on earth and carries over into heaven and that is why heaven is always asking you to look up, to refocus your lives on what really matters and to teach others to do the same.

My human life my children was given to being the mother of Jesus. A grace that was most unexpected and that changed my life completely.

In a society where so much emphasis is based on planning, heaven asks you not to plan but to trust! 

Advent also represents great uncertainty and yet greater trust. Uncertainty around being a mother for the first time, uncertainty around what being the mother of Jesus would actually mean and yet trust, trust that it would all be ok through God’s grace.

You too my children face much uncertainty in your world at these times and all you can do is trust!

Surrender all your plans to God and when you begin to worry, pray!

In prayer you will find peace in the storm, trust in the uncertainty and the strength to love and support others who are struggling.

Once again my children I offer you my help through the rosary.”

And there you have it, heaven once again reaching out to us not to take away all our problems as we might like but to give us the trust and the faith to get through them and to surrender our plans to God’s bigger plan.

And so today may we all learnt to trust in God more by taking the hand of our wonderful Mother Mary who trusted in God all throughout her life despite the worst of trials and uncertainties.